Lot. A new neurologist works at Figeac hospital

Dr Awada, newly arrived neurologist at Figeac hospital. (©S. C.)

Monday June 21, 2021, Raphaël Lagarde, director of Figeac hospital, presented to the local press the Dr Adnan Awada, new neurologist.

Former head of department at the Hôtel-Dieu in Beirut

Dr Adnan Awada is a neurologist, former intern at the Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. Of dual French and Lebanese nationality, he made his career mainly in Lebanon, where he was head of service at the Hôtel-Dieu in Beirut., but also professor of neurology at the Faculty of Medicine. He was also president of the Lebanese Society of Neurology. He is the author of nearly 150 publications.

His wife being from Loubressac, he recently decided to come to retire in the Lot, especially in view of the deteriorating political and economic situation in Lebanon. “I was planning to retire, but unfortunately things have changed in Lebanon. In 1990, my wife and my wife bought a house near Prudhomat, and decided that it was better to retire here. “

Rather than remain inactive, while he is still very dynamic, he wanted to share his experience with the population of the living area by working part-time at the Figeac hospital. “On the one hand, it gives me the satisfaction of working a little. And in Figeac, there was no neurologist, apart from M. Jardillier’s office in town. We are doing this work with great desire, because there is a huge need. “

Two days a week

Dr Awada intervenes two days a week and provides regular neurology consultations and will develop, for the first time in the history of the hospital, the clinical neurophysiology service, that is to say theelectroencephalography and theelectromyography. Thanks to the dynamism of the hospital director, Raphaël Lagarde, and the whole team, the electroencephalography device was delivered last week and the electromyography device is well on its way to acquisition. The project to install an MRI in the near future may offer an optimal service in neurology and other specialties.

Raphaël Lagarde gives details. “Being an attractive area, where it is good to live, gives opportunities here. There is a big possibility in the Department, and the logistics will follow. We will have a functional service fairly quickly. Dr Awada will be assisted in the coming weeks by a specially trained technician. He can thus devote his intervention to the interpretation of the data. “

The practitioner currently provides consultations in a room on the ground floor (current courtyard of the hospital, near the porch). With the new medical building being finished, it must integrate a room with more suitable conditions for patients and caregivers.


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