Lot: the 13.4 million euros endowment announced by E. Macron for the Gramat hospital is invited into the campaign

In May 2018, in the face of the threat looming over the medical service at Louis Conte hospital, a defense collective was formed. He communicates: “Thanks to our actions supported by the population, the establishment still has 172 beds. A steering committee was set up with representatives of the administration, staff and local elected officials including Mr. Sylvestre, Ms. Mey Fau, Ms. Tiegna and Dr. Lymer, president of the collective. The maintenance of the medical service, without specifying the number of beds was obtained. Ms. Tiegna promotes the “old age plan” to keep dependent elderly people at home. Mr. Sylvestre spoke out against the deployment of nursing homes outside the walls. These two positions seem contradictory to us, ”insists the members of the collective.

“It seems perfectly unfair to us that he publicly takes the credit for the fight led by the population of Gramat at our side to which he has done little”

Before driving the point home: “Mr. Sylvestre’s statements following President Macron’s visit leave us stunned. It seems perfectly unfair to us that he publicly takes the credit for the fight led by the population of Gramat alongside us, to which he has done little. The Terre d ‘@ venue list is committed to continuing the renovation of the hospital center within the framework of the Ségur de la santé, which has in no way met the expectations of caregivers. Restructuring projects are still on the agenda, providing for the closure of beds and the loss of many jobs ”.

Restructuring and closing of beds

In the midst of the electoral campaign, this presidential announcement indeed spices up the political debates on the canton of Gramat.
The collective speaks of “restructuring […] leading to the closure of beds essential for drainage of congested emergencies. Inequalities in access to healthcare are unacceptable. A local hospital like that of Gramat makes it possible to avoid heavier and more expensive hospitalizations. Its strategic role is essential ”.
Through their forum, the collective wonders: What care offer with a reduction of 5 beds in the medical service and 20 beds for the EHPAD? according to their information. Clarifications must be brought to the population during a public meeting, ”they conclude.

The mayor of Gramat reacts without delay

Michel Sylvestre was quick to react to the comments of the collective, counter-attacking: “Neither my speech nor my position is ambiguous. It’s been more than 15 years, as president of CME then of the supervisory board – and even my predecessors, before me – that I fought for the rehabilitation of the hospital of Gramat, defending this file with the ARS. This state grant of 13.4 M will allow us to move forward, I understand for my opponents that this news falls for them at the worst time in this campaign ”.
As mayor, he recognizes that this state support was unexpected. “All possibilities had been studied for this establishment, where the medical service had also been threatened with closure. but except to increase the daily tariffs for the residents, we did not complete the financing. It is done, the President and his advisers have heard us and I am delighted because the State will almost cover the cost of this restoration and we will keep a medical capacity ”. And to continue: “The only point on which we will have to continue to fight will be the capacity of the beds of the nursing home, and therefore of employment in the structure, in particular by pleading our cause with the departmental council”.

“I am in favor of home care as long as possible …”

Asked about his position on home care for the elderly, with his partner Huguette Tiegna, this time it is the candidate who answers. “Our two positions are complementary. I am in favor of home support as long as possible, but for people with a major loss of autonomy, it is complicated. We must therefore work on coordinating the care pathway from home to nursing home, it is one of the files of our program for these departmental elections. In addition, there is a dire shortage of SIAD (home nursing services) beds in our territory. At most ten to date, ”he recalls.