Lottery: he makes a mistake in his lucky numbers and hits the jackpot

Luck smiles on the daring, and even on those who make… mistakes. An Australian, who for years had been playing the same numbers in the local lottery, won one million Australian dollars (674,000 euros) after choosing the “wrong” numbers on his lotto ticket, reports The Economic Times on September 17 . This evening of September 12, he tells our colleagues, this resident of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia buys, as usual, a lottery ticket. But instead of playing his lucky numbers, “special numbers played every time”, he is mistaken without realizing it.

Another unusual fact: the player checked the numbers almost religiously just after each draw. But for some reason he doesn’t explain, he doesn’t this time. He only realizes his “mistake” when the lottery service calls him to tell him he’s won. He then looks at his ticket and realizes that he has ticked “his wrong numbers”, which are in fact the winning numbers. An “absolutely fantastic error”, he exclaimed, incredulous, to our colleagues.


Refugees, they hit the lottery jackpot

The lucky winner also explained that his wife was not a big fan of his passion for the lottery. But when the latter heard the news, she was overjoyed. The player now thinks that they will be able to “be less stressed”, and “spend more time together, as a family”. His first desire: to organize long holidays with his wife and children, in Europe or America.


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