Lottery: lady wins BRL 500,000, buys ticket on the way home and receives another BRL 1.5 million – News

A woman received a prize of BRL 518,700 (US$ 100,000) at the local lottery office in the United States and, on her way home, decided to buy another ticket, which was also a winner and won her an even bigger second prize of R ₹1.55 million (US$300,000).

The lucky woman lives in the state of Delaware, is about 70 years old, and asked not to be identified.

On the first visit to the lottery headquarters to collect the prize, she said she was very happy with her luck, not knowing that she would pocket a prize three times the size soon after.

The lady said she stopped at a gas station and bought three scratch cards after being awarded, one of them contained the maximum prize of the betting modality called Ultimate Cash.

“When I scratched out the $300,000 Serious Money winning ticket at the end of the day, a friend and I sat there in disbelief. It was absolute insanity,” said the lucky winner, in an interview with the Delaware lottery official website.

The woman said she has no specific plans for the money, and intends to invest it in retirement funds.

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