Lou Pernaut rages against the free attacks she receives

The daughter of Nathalie Marquay and the deceased Jean-Pierre Pernaut sometimes finds her celebrity on social networks difficult. After a new bitter experience, she lets out a rant.

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Lou Pernaut don’t give in to haters. The 19-year-old young woman, fruit of the idyll between the late presenter of the JT de 13 Heures de TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and the ex-Miss France, Nathalie Marquay, lived through the last painful months after the death of his dad, following cancer. The one officiating as an influencer while pursuing her studies unfortunately has to deal with sometimes malicious comments from certain Internet users. The young woman thus pushed a rant on Tik Tok, this Sunday, June 19.

Lou Pernaut disgusted

Thus she published a short video including a text full of reproaches to those who have fun cutting it to pieces. Here is what we can read through this big rant: “You’re not surprised if I never show my whole body on Tiktok or while I’m struggling to post Insta if every time I’m called a fat cow that’s enough you block me so much in all my projects damn I just want to love my life without your fucking judgment h24. Even on TV, even in interviews, even in stories, even in DMs, in coms. Soothe your heart (sic)”. This message was appreciated by his most loyal friends and Internet users. “Do whatever you want and never block yourself for people. The only person you will be with all your life is you, love yourself, we love you”tells him a fan.

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This isn’t the first time she’s ranted

This is not the first time that Lou Pernaut has attacked “haters” on social networks. On April 8, she was offended after receiving a comment from a young man who criticized her for not seeming very saddened by the death of her father. To which she replied that it was better to unsubscribe from her Instagram and TikTok account rather than swing this stuff. She specified in passing that she had a great deal of difficulty coping with her grief.