Louis Vuitton’s new ad angers Ukrainians: “Glamour smells better when soaked in blood, right?”

After the advertisement was published on the web, discussions immediately began. Many social network users are convinced that in this way the French luxury brand supported the dictator Vladimir Putin and expressed support for the war he started, writes Fans of the brand from Russia have naturally been very pleased with such support. The advertisement also shows a huge letter “V”, which in the perception of many undeniably means supporting Russian aggression.


The reaction of web users in the comments is quite predictable. “Louis Vuitton’s sales in Russia will only increase now”; “We are waiting for Gazmanov in the next campaign”; “Citizens of Russia will buy the entire collection”; “The colors are beautiful and the letter V is my favorite,” such and similar comments can be read on social networks.


Meanwhile, Ukrainians and fans of the fashion house from other countries are quick to point out that the brand’s advertisement is actually made in the colors of the French flag. Don’t see Russia everywhere, because the French blue-white-red color combination has nothing to do with it.

However, it has also caused negative associations for other Ukrainians, and they are confused as to why the fashion house decided to create such an ad, taking into account the bloody events in Ukraine.

“I’m Ukrainian and I don’t like this ad. “LV” would have been better, but you chose a symbol of war and psychopaths. Why? Are you really that sick?” one commenter wrote.

The adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Myhailo Podolyak, also commented on the new brand advertisement: “The Russian Federation has been humiliating Ukrainians in Europe for more than a year with tricolor symbolism and the V/Z swastika. The elite fashion houses, which focus on the “young rich of Russia”, have decided to publicly play with symbols of aggression. Glamor smells better when soaked in blood, doesn’t it?”

Fashion house “Louis Vuitton” has already been accused of supporting Russian aggression. This brand earned widespread public outrage by creating jewelry with the letters “LV” that closely resembled the symbols “Z” and “V” used by the Russian occupiers. It is significant that the presentation of the collection took place in March of last year – soon after Russia’s bloody attack on Ukraine. At that time, the representatives of the brand justified themselves that the collection was created for a long time and it happened that its presentation “unplanned” coincided with the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine.

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