Lourdes Leon continues to talk about her. And this time, it's not because she enjoys the aura of her superstar mom. While parade for the first time during the New York Fashion Week, the one who was accustomed to front-row passes on the other side with all the rebellious attitude that characterizes it. Practically naked in a bra made of shells, with jeans pierced (or rather torn by an army of lions) from the knee, the daughter of Madonna is revealed in a very representative of this Gypsy Sport show.
"To assume everything" must be a family story … Like her mother Madonna, who has become known for her titles and irreverent shoots, Lourdes is starting to make a name for herself in the fashion world. A first surprise campaign for Stella McCartney perfumes, a buzz due to a hairiness displayed on another series of photos for Converse and now a very undressed podium. If she came out of the shadow of her mother, Lourdes still seems greatly influenced by his rebellious nature.
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