Love Bond Prediction: Nino is Busy Looking for Reyna’s School Supplies until the Unexpected Thing Happens to Keisya

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – The prediction of the Love Bond on May 10, 2022, probably tells that Nino invites Keisya to buy Reyna’s school supplies.

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Previously, Nino invited Keisya to meet Elsa in prison.

Nino deliberately brought Keisya because Elsa really wanted to meet her daughter who is now 2 years old.

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The meeting happened, suddenly Elsa said that she couldn’t stand being in prison.

Elsa said that Ammar Mahendra, who is known as The Winner, could not free him either.

Hearing Elsa’s chatter, it actually sparked Nino’s emotions so he insisted on his wife to be patient.

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Nino has no power to face Elsa who is now emotional. He told his wife to keep an attitude especially towards Ammar Mahendra.