"Love is in the meadow": Guillaume, of season 10, attacks Karine Le Marchand

Guillaume de L’amour is in the pre – Etchegoyen / Sipa
We had made him a symbol, and precisely, it did not suit him. Guillaume Barbier, the first gay farmer Love is in the meadow , kept a very bad memory of the shooting of the show. The one who, at the time, left the program without warning, gave the real reasons for his departure to here is . And he does not mince words when he talks about the production of the dating show and its host, Karine The Merchant .

“I felt like a fair phenomenon”

Two years after his TV appearance, the farmer decided to go back on his adventure to reveal his truth, which he describes as “brutal”. “I had the impression of being a phenomenon of fair, explains the Auvergnat. Karine The Merchant did not stop saying that I was not one, but inevitably when you say that permanently … I really felt that she was saying that voluntarily so that the side “product” bursts. That’s what happened next. ”

The farmer claims to have been under “tremendous pressure” and continues to reproach the host. “It surprises me when candidates say they had a feeling with her, he continues. For me, there was nothing from the beginning of the shooting of the portrait. He adds, “When I sit down, confide in my difficult adolescence and the fact that I thought about suicide at that time, she has that little tear in her eye and when the producer tells her,” it’s good, it’s in the box. ” She gets up and laughs. And I was still sitting, crying. ”

“Everything is violent! ”

In his eyes, production, which deals only with images and “mocks” everything else. “I spoke to the prod’mais honestly, they are really there to make their images and the rest they laugh royally, said Guillaume. In fact, there are thirty people who come to your home and I did not even have access to my own home. At the end of the shoot, everything stops at once. Everything is violent! ”

In his eyes, the production also wrote too much history in advance. He explains that he did not leave because he met a hairdresser, Damien, before the shooting started, but because in the eyes of M6 , “It was drawn”. While he had chosen two suitors, Julien and Miguel, he would have been told: “Now that there is Julien, your hairdresser, you will forget it”. “For them, I was going to couple with Julien. Miguel was already discarded. ”

“It was too much in one fell swoop”

Wounded by the behavior of some of his suitors who would have spent the night together just before the speed dating, Guillaume decided to stop everything. “I felt betrayed by the production, betrayed by the contenders, so I said stop. I left everything to escape all that. It was too much in one fell swoop. There were journalists who would land in the yard anytime, even at my mom’s gate at 10pm. I felt a little overwhelmed. “

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