Love Island viewers blame the producers for splitting Jack and Dani after his "dirty" sex secret has been exposed

Love Island viewers accused the producers of separating Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer. They were angry that negative comments aimed at the beloved couple were used during an explosive game by Twitter Bingo. The couple was angry when a tweet indicated that they were "like brother and sister" and had no chemistry. Things got worse and worse as Jack had to torment, he had to admit that he had slept with 80 girls. Furious Dani could not hide her disgust and slammed her boyfriend for being a "dirty bitch".

Jack and Dani's relationship was tested through controversial tweets
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They were shocked by the answers
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Love Islands Idris and Kieran are unloaded when Dr. Alex survives the tense recovery and finally gets his girl. The first tweet in the question was, "BLANK and BLANK are actually intertwined. BLANK and BLANK are like brother and sister, not chemistry." The Islanders usually speculated that Ellie and Charlie were so shocked when Jack and Dani's name became known. The stunned Jack, who admitted he had the hump, said, "I do not kiss my sister." While Dani added, "I really like his pants, I would not be with anyone if I did not have chemistry, it fucked me up, I thought, who the hell are you."

Dani did not look happy
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She discharged in the beach hut
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The next controversial tweet was: "Please make Danny Dyer come to the villa and confront Jack with 50 girls plus BLANK." Some of the couples advise cheating but others have correctly guessed that it was the number "30". Dani asked: "Did you really sleep with 80 people? You are disgusting."

Were the tweets on Jack and Dani unfair?
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Furious Love Island viewers beat the show's bosses for their selection of tweets. A viewer said, "Why do producers want to ruin Jack and Dani so much – they have to search intensely for this tweet because I've never seen that opinion?" Another added, "Sorry, but the producers could have put Megan out for slagging Georgia and Charlie, because they call Ellie immature, but let's not tell Dani and Jack that they are like siblings. "A third one agreed," Of course, the producers of Love Island literally use the only negative tweet about Jack and Dani perfectly together , ugh "* Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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