Love Island winners announced: ‘This is the icing on the cake’

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the finale of Love Island.

After a thrilling finale, in which love was once again declared, lovebirds Esmee and Job were declared the winners of Love Island 2021. With Donny and Rowenna as formidable competitors, it remained exciting until the very last minute who would take over from Joan and Mert.

Yet the strong duo managed to stay ahead of their competition. Job and Esmee have been around since the start of Love Island a couple and have not parted ways in the meantime – if you don’t count the trip to Casa Amor. The two fell in love with each other and the infatuation was clearly palpable for the viewer at home, so they run off with the win. They not only found love through the program, but also won a cash prize of €25,000, which they share together.

“We did not see this coming at all,” Job tells RTL Boulevard the day after the final. “We’ve been here from day one and it’s so special what we’ve all been through.” The win also came as a total surprise to Esmee: “It’s so crazy that it’s all over now.”

From love birds, who are already officially boyfriend and girlfriend, let it be known that the future in the Netherlands is rosy. “I can call her parents my in-laws, so I’m very curious to meet them in the Netherlands, that will certainly happen soon,” said a lovesick Job. “We have not focused on the money at all, but only on the adventure and ourselves. But this is the icing on the cake.”

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They have not yet figured out what they are going to do with the €25,000. When they are back in the Netherlands, they will at least take a nice break together. The rest they may want to sit away and move in together, Esmee says.

The whole season of Love Island you are now looking back at Videoland. You will see more of Esmee and Job next Monday Love Check-up. You can watch the episode with Joan and Mert below.