Idris Virgo and Kieran Nicholls were driven out of the Love Island Villa after Alexandra Cane teamed up with Alex George during the show's final re-production. Idris, Kieran and Alex had been betting for Alexandra's attention as she was the only girl left in the ITV2 reality show. During the episode on Friday make-up artist Alexandra decided for the doctor Alex. The remaining girls decided to stay with the boys they were with. Alexandra had previously told the beach hut visitors that she did not want to send anyone home and she went with what her heart said was the right decision. After his departure, boxer Idris said he had been "gutted" leaving the program so soon after his arrival on Tuesday. When asked if he wished he had fought with other girls instead, Idris said, "I'm an attractive guy, I knew I would catch the girls' eyes as soon as I entered the villa." There was a strong relationship But there, when Alexandra entered, I knew I should continue with her. "I was disappointed that she picked Alex in the resume because I thought I and she had a connection, we got along well, but she had to make the right decision for her."

The fans were excited. One tweeted: "OH MY GOD ALEX YOU GO GO!" Another wrote: "YES ALEX !!!!! Go out here Idris and other new guy!" While a third one said, "YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY !!! Go on Alex !! Right choice Alexandra!" Read more
Idris also defended his decision to tell Laura Anderson that he thought her partner Jack Fowler was kissing during a date with Georgia Steel. Jack confronted Idris on the show and accused him of deliberately trying to cause problems between himself and Laura. Idris said after leaving, "For me, it looked like new, Jack went for the kiss, I could be wrong, and Jack might be right, but I felt right to bring it to Laura because I thought she was one nice girl. "Read more
Kieran, who came to the villa with Idris, expressed his disappointment at his early exit. He said, however, that he was happy for Alex and Alexandra, who he thought would work well together. He said, "I met with Alexandra and wished she had picked me in the feedback and given me the chance to get a couple with her." I wanted to spend time with her without Alex and Idris transplanting her at the same time. He added: "Alex is an absolute legend, he is really funny. I wish Alexandra would connect with me, but if she really does feel something about Alex, that's fair too. "I'm glad they get along and they share the same interests – there's a lot in common."


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