After appearing in Love Island, many candidates will receive their five minutes of fame – but newcomer Paul has already gotten a taste of the limelight, he reveals in today's episode. Laura makes no secret of her thrill of having met with Paul again, but as the couple sets out to get to know each other better, she definitely does not expect Britney Spears to kiss his confession. Laura starts the day in a positive mood and thanks Paul for choosing her through Alexandra and telling him, "Of course I'm very glad you chose me, I thought (you could) a little bit yesterday because I love you I've seen effort. "Then I saw you talk to Alexandra a little bit. I know, it's weird to say thank you, but I'm really grateful you picked me.

Laura thanks Paul for choosing her.
"It's me and it was probably the most nerve-wracking of all time, my heart racing and I thought," I have no idea how to go on. "Laura admits in the beach hut that she is thrilled with her prospects with Paul," I really like Paul, this is the beginning of what I hope would be something for me in here, the third time luck. It's very early, but I am so happy that he chose me because I was really, really worried. "After Laura spent the first night together and shared a bed, Laura bubbles:" I feel great with Paul in my bed. Paul is very affectionate. That's what you want, you just want someone who wants to be all over you. Paul's past then asks Laura about his previous jobs, but she does not expect the anecdote he has to share.

Laura hears Paul's Britney confession.
While chatting by the pool, he tells her, "When I was in LA, it was one of my first jobs, they called me and said" Paul, would you like to make a music video? "And I was like "Oh yes, cool" and I said "what is it for?" "And they were like" we're not supposed to tell you what it's for, you have to go for a casting Go for it, but it's for (whispering) Britney Spears & # 39 ;. "

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As the conversation begins, Paul admits he has kissed Britney. A jealous Laura asks, "Was she single?"

Laura laughs at Paul Britney's story.

And Paul replies – "She was single, not that it matters because it was a job, in the video I was dragged away by her and she basically just chose me as the lead actor."
Laura gasps, "Are you trying to tell me you kissed Britney Spears?" And Paul admits, "Yes, but it's in a video."


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