Love life is more exciting than before, He Youjun, Singapore’s tens of billions of dollars, marry and give birth to divorce within 3 years | 娱乐圈事

He Youjun, the son of the late gambling king Stanley Ho in the fourth room, married the mainland supermodel Xi Mengyao in 2019. In the same year, he welcomed the fifth-generation eldest grandson of the He family and his son He Guangshen. Billionaire Lin Huili (Kimmy) has a more dramatic life. After breaking up with He Youjun, she experienced marriage, childbirth and divorce.

Kimmy’s father, Lim Rongfu, is a Singaporean Chinese billionaire. He is ranked 12th in the “2020 Forbes Singapore Rich List”. He and He Youjun are very close to each other. They opened their romance in 2015, but after Kimmy went to South Korea in 2016 to develop his modeling career Their love affair ended after they separated the two places.

It is known that He Youjun and Lin Huili met through He Chaoying. Soon after dating, Lin Huili went to Hong Kong to meet the fourth wife.

Kimmy started a marriage quickly after breaking up and had a son Kyden with her husband outside the circle. However, the marriage between Kimmy and her husband only lasted three years. Kimmy revealed last year that he had divorced the year before. The two were divorced due to hobbies, Living habits are different, thinking that the marriage has been out of balance, so I decided to divorce.

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Lin Huili and her ex-husband and son

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However, the divorce has no effect on Kimmy, she still often shares the extremely luxurious life of celebrities on social networking sites.

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