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What is going on between
Heidi Klum , 44, and
Tom Kaulitz , 28? The question that arose after the first photos of the two, slowly but surely. Also thanks to the second new Instagram posts of “GNTM” -Jurorin. Heidi Klum in love on Instagram Heidi in love! Otherwise, you can not describe what is shown to her over 4.4 million followers today Monday (April 16) there: Heidi groovy and up to his ears grinning grooving on a car ride to a song – and not to any song but to “Boy’s Do not Cry” by Tom’s band “Tokio Hotel”. Heidi looks like a teenager in love with her performance, even blowing a kiss into the camera towards the end. For whom this should be, is not difficult to guess. The next post shows Heidi surrounded by emoticon hearts; Here she kisses again in the direction of the camera. Tom Kaulitz is in Germany Her sweetheart Tom flew with her brother Bill Kaulitz from their adopted home town of Los Angeles to Berlin. There they will perform a concert with “Tokio Hotel” next Sunday (April 22). Tom will also be on the 3rd of May for the “About You” Award. Means for the next few days: love from afar and, maybe, more sweet Instagram messages from Heidi. Incidentally, Tom has an Instagram account with 109,000 followers, but never dropped off a post.

The story of Heidi + Tom For the first time, the model and the musician were shot together in Los Angeles on the evening of March 13, but it was not clear at the time how they relate to each other. This question was clarified on March 25: On the verge of filming for the talent show “America’s Got Talent,” in which Heidi sits on the jury, She was photographed kissing with the “Tokio Hotel” guitarist , About two weeks later, the two went on their first love holiday to Mexico. From there they returned on the 12th of April – and apparently had no desire for a game of hide and seek. After landing at Los Angeles airport, the two stroll relaxed and holding hands past the lenses of the photographer.
Heidi Klum + Tom Kaulitz
Is this your official love outing?
On their return from their first love holiday, Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz are familiar with each other in public
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