Low-income households to buy a house reveal the secret of saving money: easy to save 1 million in 5 years | Entertainment | CTWANT

The celebrity girl (Zhan Ziqing) has been a frequent guest of major talk shows since her debut in “I Love Hei Shihui”, and she also has a vigorous side business. She is already the proprietress of many stores at a young age. In fact, she was born in a low-income household, but in just 5 years, she saved her first pot of gold at the age of 23. She also shared the secrets of saving money, and the method was not difficult at all.

The girl shared the method of saving money on her personal YouTube channel. She said that saving money is not for you to live a hard life, but for a fixed income. You can spend smartly, and at the same time, you can save money effectively. There is one A very important rule, “everyone knows, but everyone can’t do it”, that is, “income” deducts “fixed expenses” and “savings”, and finally it is the monthly expenses.

The girl has more than 1 million in 5 years. (Photo/Retrieved from the girl’s Facebook page)

The girl gave an example of a monthly salary of 30,000 yuan. At that time, she rented a house for a month of 10,000 yuan, fixed expenditure of 6,000 yuan, and the remaining 14,000 yuan, she would use 6,000 yuan to save, and the remaining 8,000 yuan was the monthly expenditure. Many people think that 8,000 yuan is difficult, but she bluntly said: “If you don’t suffer first and then reluctant, you will continue to suffer for a lifetime, and you will not be able to save money.” And the so-called “fixed expenditure” cannot be increased, like Water fee, electricity fee, gas fee, mobile phone fee, insurance fee, internet fee, etc.

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The girl mentioned that by this method, she had the first pot of gold in 5 years, and the amount exceeded 1 million. As for how to save 6000 yuan? She is well aware of the importance of investment and financial management. First, she bought two 3,000 yuan funds for “regular fixed amount”, and then divided them into two ethnic groups. One is to pay rent every month, and the other is to live at home, which can be done every month. Deposit an extra 10,000 yuan.

The girl revealed that from the age of 18 to 23, she deposits 16,000 yuan a month. After 5 years, she deposits 1 million yuan, which is more than a lot, because she used her savings to buy 4 funds, and each support has approximately For 2 to 5 years, “because of the long-term holding, you will not always buy at high points, you are equally divided”, let her save money quickly, and now she has also bought a house.

In addition, the girl also shared some open source secrets, such as cloud invoices, which can have additional chances of winning, and at the same time, it can also have the effect of accounting, and it is also more environmentally friendly. She said that it is very important to save money effectively and hope that everyone can successfully save the first pot of gold.