Low price on gasoline will continue for the month of April

The price of gasoline has reached historical levels that had not been seen in decades as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

This was stated by the president of the Gasoline Retailers Association, Rafael Marketing, who in an interview with Metro Puerto Rico He indicated that the low price at which the barrel of oil reached caused the cost of a liter of gasoline to drop to about 40 cents.

“I would tell you that for three decades we had not seen a price of 40 cents, a liter. The barrel reached $ 20, it has already recovered a little, it is around $ 25, $ 26, around there they fear, it is recovering but slowly, “he said.

However, while the retailer is confident that oil is slowly starting to recover, the cost of 40 cents will continue to be reflected at gas stations for about an additional month.

Although “the price (a barrel) is recovering a little, but here at the pump level I do not think it will change, in the next month, I will not see prices changing outside the 40 cents a liter of the regular”, added Mercado.

In the same interview, the connoisseur of this market indicated that due to the effect of the measures that have been taken by the Government to manage the coronavirus emergency, they have already closed between 10 to 15 gas stations on the Island.

Since March 9, Mercado had recognized that a drop in the price of gasoline would be reflected. Even at that time, a day after learning of the first suspected cases of the virus in Puerto Rico, the retailer indicated that there were pumps with prices of 60 cents a liter.

Today, it is a month since the Government of Puerto Rico began activating security protocols to handle this pandemic, after the Italian tourist arrived on the Island on March 8, who ended up testing the virus, and died.

You can see the interview here:


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