Lowrance, world leader in marine electronics

Since its creation in 1957, Lowrance has specialized in the sale of high-tech products, as well as electrical and electronic equipment. Today, it has become the world leader in marine electronics and offers a wide range of exceptional products.

A little history

1957: Lowrance developed the world’s first sport fishing sounder, La Petite Boîte Verte, which has the ability to locate fish individually.
1988: Lowrance manufactured the very first Lowrance sounder which is completely waterproof.
July 1991: Rockwell GPS technology was introduced on all GPS in the range
1995: Lowrance unveils the first SONDEUR LCD handset with Built-in GPS , the GlobalMap 2000. This device has all the functions of sonar, mapping and route.

Lowrance sounder

High technology products

With the launch of the High Definition System (HDS) multifunction display in 2008, the brand unveiled a number of bespoke products that truly reflect marine electronics. StructureScan® HD and its photo-quality images SideScan and DownSacn Imaging ™, Broadband Sonar, Trackback ™ for real-time sonar history, 4W low-power and high-definition Broadband Radar for navigation in all conditions , StructureMap for the development of its own map data, as well as a wide range of cartographic products for freshwater and seawater.

More benefits

The products offered by Lowrance offer innovative features that appeal to fishermen around the world. Simple to use and very practical, the marine electronics of the brand displays the best technology for a pleasant recreational fishing. It provides many profitable benefits for any fisherman. The brand’s innovative products make it possible to quickly identify structure, transitions and other fish-bearing areas. This makes it easy to avoid sterile water, whether in freshwater or seawater.

Push the boundaries of performance

Lowrance also offers the best features after purchase with free software updates. In addition, the brand is also active in the wind energy and photovoltaic sectors. Every customer has the opportunity to take full advantage of the current technology upgrade at a price that defies the competition. The Lowrance brand continues today to push the limits of performance to personally support fishermen in their business.

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