Loxone opens its online library to other manufacturers | MODERN BUILDING | Dossiers

So-called closed systems offer advantages in the intelligent automation of buildings: The components can be easily configured with each other via plug & play and enable the necessary stability and reliability. In practice, however, it is often necessary to integrate components from other manufacturers. This requires a solution that is open to external products. In addition to its own peripherals – such as Tree and Air – Loxone offers numerous interfaces such as digital or analog inputs and outputs, KNX, network, DMX, DALI, Modbus, EEBus, as well as RS232 / RS485 and much more. This makes it possible, for example, to control the Vaillant heating systems via the Miniserver as the central element of every Loxone solution using EEBus. This is where the new Loxone Library comes in, an online library that the automation specialist is now making available as a public beta version.

“With the Loxone Library we offer an open collection of interfaces and templates that enable partners to integrate external devices and share existing templates with others with just a few clicks,” explains Rüdiger Keinberger, CEO of Loxone. More than a hundred templates for integrating components from other manufacturers are available right from the start. Thousands of devices can already be controlled in a simplified manner. These include energy storage systems from Varta, Tesla and inverter solutions from SolarEdge, Kostal, Fronius, TV sets from Samsung via IR remote control, but also all Home Connect products from the market leader BSH (with the brands Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau) and many more.

In addition to Loxone’s own templates, there are templates from external manufacturers, but also from partners or users. Because Loxone also relies on its own strong community: “Loxone has an incredibly committed group of fans, a real community with a deep technical understanding. We would like to give this high level of commitment an opportunity to realize it within the framework of the new platform. For example, users can log in to the library at library.loxone.com and share their own templates in the Loxone Library with others, which have previously been checked by Loxone and then approved, ”says Keinberger.

The respective version is indicated for all templates and they can be updated by the creator if necessary. Technologies and devices that are directly integrated in the Loxone Config, such as EEBus and Home Connect, are also listed in the Loxone Library in order to offer partners and customers a central point of contact and to check integration options. Rüdiger Keinberger explains: “Loxone was developed and designed to handle all tasks in intelligent buildings. But we don’t see Loxone as a closed system. Thanks to the numerous interfaces, our solution is very easy to connect. That is why we speak of a ‘closed system’, i.e. a system that combines the best of closed and open systems. With the library, we are now taking a big step towards a platform solution. This makes it possible to map the entire range of intelligent automation with a wide variety of components. We are pleased about the great openness that we have already experienced through cooperation with other manufacturers. We are also pleased about our committed partners and users and look forward to many more templates and ideas. And we invite all manufacturers and electrical professionals alike to participate in this exciting, future-oriented project. ”