Lozoya could be located in the same area as Lavalle in the North prison

Emilio Lozoya Austin, spent his first night in prison in the Norte prison, after a federal judge gave him justified preventive detention.

They will do the covid PCR test and if it comes out negative they will take it to the area known as ‘income’, where Jorge Luis Lavalle, former PAN senator “who was reported by Lozoya Austin,” was announced yesterday by the reporter Humberto Padgett, in Image News with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

“They will move him to an area known as the entrance, which is, let’s say, the VIP part of the North Prison, where the ex-governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, the former lawyer of the Salinas de Gortari, Juan Collado and notably, Jorge Luis Lavalle, is. the former PAN senator who is the only other man imprisoned for the case involving Lozoya, Jorge Luis Lavalle: the man who was betrayed by Lozoya Austin who becomes the new inmate of the North Prison, “Padgett said yesterday.

And if Lozoya Austin’s PCR test came out positive, they would take him to the quarantine area for inmates with covid-19.

But the first night in the Norte prison, Lozoya Austin spent it in bedroom 10, where there are 10 cells and he has a guard “dedicated to seeing that Lozoya is well, that they do not hurt him and that he does not hurt himself,” Padgett explained.

Bedroom 10 is painted gray, light blue and white and “Lozoya wears the same shoes that he took to the audience, but without laces, the navy blue suit is no longer wearing, they put the mandatory khaki uniform on him, it is also the that the institution gave, because Lozoya was not prepared to spend the night in jail, “the reporter explained.

The room where Lozoya is, measures 3 meters long, 2.40 wide and 2.40 high, has only “one spotlight, a bald spotlight, if Lozoya wants darkness, he will have to turn it over to dim the light, well anyway there’s always a light on in the hallway “Padgett commented in Image News with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

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