LR applicants were spotted from Germany

How does the debate within the Republicans feel when a center-left coalition prepares to rule the Rhine? View of Julian Thorell.

The new health measures were announced by future President Olaf Scholes at the end of a press conference in Berlin on November 18. Angela Merkel stepped out of the background.

By Julian Thorell

EDuring his tenure, Xavier Bertrand suggested that Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron meet behind closed doors for several days to discuss differences and differences between France and Germany. Nobody can say that such a seminar would have made it possible to raise the mortgage on the most compliant leadership within the EU. If the so-called Republican (LR) candidate wins on April 24th, he will not allow it. The government agreement that was to set the framework for the action of the center-left coalition of Olaf Scholz for the next four years was still being negotiated at the time these taxes were levied in Berlin.

But the axes are still known: the three organizations appointed to form the new German government – the social party …

Michael Shipman / Pool / AFP – CEP

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