LTO in Speinshart: Refugee causes turbulence for the Hartmanns

“Welcome to the Hartmanns” was the motto on Friday and Saturday in the Speinshart community center. The comedy of the same name based on the film by Simon Verhoeven was presented by the acting troupe of the Landestheater Oberpfalz.

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The Hartmanns with landlady Angelika, a former teacher (Claudia Lohmann), her husband, the chief physician Richard, (Florian Weber), their daughter Sofie, the eternal student (Barbara Trottmann) and their son Philipp, the lawyer (Johannes Lukas) have the usual problems. Angelika sells used clothing in a container accommodation and decides without further ado to take in a refugee.

This decision is received very differently in the family. But Angelika accepts no contradictions. The selection falls on the single Nigerian Diallo Makabouri (Mona Fischer). The delicious action of the LTO acting troupe entitled “Welcome to the Hartmanns” leads to an exciting and occasionally hectic situation comedy in the course of the entertaining evening. The Hartmanns have to constructively deal with the values ​​of their new roommate, while the family members encounter incomprehension and rejection from outside.

A huge challenge for family peace, which reflects the entire emotional breadth of German refugee policy. Director Till Rickelt packs the flying scene changes into a turbulent spectacle with many amusing scenes. In the end, everything turns out well for the Hartmanns. Diallo’s initially rejected application for asylum leads to spontaneous solidarity in the family. Together they fight for a positive asylum decision. An entertaining spectacle and a theatrical evening with the honoree of a well of health. The audience honored the performances of the actors with a lot of applause.