Lu Huiyi was hugged by Zhang Jingchun’s “Princess” to collect the gifts on her behalf (16:48)-20211122-SHOWBIZ

Lu Huiyi and Zhang Jingchun attended the “Love·Go Home Happy Express” publicity event today (22nd), during which Zhang Jingchun Man exploded to Lu Huiyi’s “Princess Hug”.

Lu Huiyi said that she and her son value Christmas and will decorate the home every year. This year, she plans to buy a real Christmas tree to add to the atmosphere. She pointed out that whether the son’s Christmas gift is great or not depends on his test scores. “My son is now in the second grade of elementary school. birthday present”.

Zhang Jingchun said that he gave the dictionary to Lu Huiyi’s son and said with a smile that he felt guilty, while Lu Huiyi said: “I am so perverted, because the transfer station (receiving gifts) is very strict. If the gift is not suitable, I will be isolated from me and cannot be delivered to my son. On the previous page, some friends gave me toy guns that were more lethal, but I also confiscated them. I can only play them when my son grows up.”

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