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Hong Kong will hold the chief executive election on May 8. On the eve of the election on May 7, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a 13,000-word document detailing “a list of some facts about the National Endowment for Democracy in the United States.” The example of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) intervening in Hong Kong politics is very interesting.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in the document that it has long criticized the U.S. for its long-term instrumentalization and weaponization of democracy, disguising democracy in the name of anti-democracy, inciting separatism and confrontation, interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, and causing catastrophic consequences.

NED is nominally a “non-governmental organization” that “provides support for democracy in other countries”. In fact, it relies on the continuous financial support of the White House and the U.S. Congress. Following the orders of the U.S. government, it uses financial support to manipulate and direct many NGOs around the world to their targets. Countries and regions export American values, carry out subversion, infiltration and sabotage, and incite so-called “democratic movements”, which are essentially “white gloves” of the US government, serving US strategic interests, subverting other countries’ legitimate governments, interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, and fostering pro-US puppet power. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that any attempt to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs in the name of democracy is unpopular and doomed to failure.

Many parts of the document mention NED’s activities in Hong Kong, including:

1. In the section “Collaborating with local political groups and interfering in other countries’ political agendas”, it is mentioned that NED intervened in Hong Kong elections and promoted many large-scale anti-government incidents. The NED mainly engages with Hong Kong opposition political parties and organizations through its affiliated American Association for Democracy in International Affairs. As early as 1997, the agency issued a total of 18 assessment reports in an attempt to influence the “democratization of Hong Kong”. It turned out that the first super-large anti-government parade after the handover in 2003, the “July 1st March”, was funded by the NED to prevent the “23-Article Legislation”; after that, the NED appeared frequently, in 2010 In 2014, he instructed and funded Hong Kong’s opposition and radical youth cadres to plan an illegal “Occupy Central” operation.

In Hong Kong’s “revision turmoil” in 2019, NED went from behind the scenes to the front, directly contacting the backbone of anti-China chaos in Hong Kong, providing subsidies and training to those involved in the riots: May 2019, Democracy Founding Party Chairman Lee Chu-ming, former “Hong Kong Zhongzhi” Founding Party Chairman Law Kwan-cong, former “Stake” Chairman Lee Cheuk-yan and other Hong Kong rioters visited the United States to participate in a seminar on “New Threats to Hong Kong’s Civil Society and the Rule of Law” organized by NED The meeting publicly begged the United States to intervene in Hong Kong’s “amendment”.

According to the document, NED has invested US$2 million in Hong Kong-related funds in 2020. Eleven projects will disrupt the Legislative Council election as an important task. The focus includes the project of “strengthening the monitoring of elections by the public”, which will help the newly established groups that disrupt Hong Kong. Provide technical and financial assistance to disrupt the Legislative Council elections by monitoring elections and competing for voting rights.

2. The document “funding separatist forces and destabilizing target countries” mentioned that NED has funded a large number of Hong Kong opposition organizations. NED has been carrying out projects related to “labor rights”, “political reform” and “human rights monitoring” in Hong Kong for a long time. NED can be found in street demonstrations in Hong Kong. Hong Kong public opinion analysis agency “Zheng Si Hong” researched the official website of NED and found that since 1994, the foundation has started to support various Hong Kong opposition organizations, student movement organizations and media such as “Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor”, “Hong Kong Trade Union” and so on. , manipulate them to carry out various demonstrations and protests. According to statistics by Du Jia, a researcher at the Institute of Economics and Strategy of Chongqing University, since 1994, NED has funded the Hong Kong project every year, and by 2018, the total investment has exceeded 10 million US dollars.
3. The document “funding activities and academic projects to infiltrate ideology” mentioned that at the end of 2016, NED funded “Hong Kong independence” activists Liang Tianqi and Huang Taiyang to go to Harvard University in the United States and Oxford University in the United Kingdom for further study. Yang Zhengxian, the former convener of the “Civil Human Rights Front”, a Hong Kong-disturbing organization, participated in a visiting study program of the foundation in 2017, “to communicate with civil society leaders and protesters from South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, and to study democracy. Experiences of Movement and Social Movement Resistance”.

Without reading the documents of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I do not know that NED, an agency known as the “Second CIA”, is so deeply involved in Hong Kong politics that it constantly creates bureaucracies in Hong Kong, attacking Hong Kong explicitly, and attacking the central government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs took action before the election of Hong Kong’s chief executive, which not only fully accused the United States of interfering in foreign internal affairs through NED, but also pointed out the interference of the United States in Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Taiwan have become China’s frontiers against US political interference.
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