Luca Hänni finishes 3rd with Christina Luft in the final

“DSDS” winner Luca Hänni (25) is pretty good at singing and music – but does he have what it takes to be “Dancing Star 2020”? There was already a foretaste at “Dance Dance Dance” – and that was promising! Finally, he took first place. In the new season of “Let’s Dance” he shows whether he can do it again! He danced alongside Christina Luft in the big “Let’s Dance” final for the title. The two ended up in third place.

An overview of all the facts about “Let’s Dance” candidate Luca Hänni

Age: 25
Profession: singer
Date of birth: October 8, 1994
Place of residence: Bern (CH)
Size: 1.72 m

Singer Luca Hänni is looking forward to the 13th season of “Let’s Dance”!

The first single reached gold status after 4 days

Luca Hänni was born on October 8th in Bern and is a singer, musician, songwriter and model. He became famous through his victory at “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2012. He is a musical all-rounder: he sings, composes, plays the piano, guitar and drums. His first single was No. 1 on the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and reached gold status in Switzerland after only four days.

In addition to his music career, Luca creates dresses for his own fashion label and merchandising shop, is a model in front of the camera and publishes his magazine “Stories”.

Luca is regularly on the international stage with his band and dancers and not only impresses his fans with his shows and unplugged performances, but also the media: In the course of his career so far, he has been nominated for the Echo and with numerous awards such as “Hollywood Music Media Award “, the” Swiss Music Award “and the” Wild and Young Award “. In 2013 and 2014 he was presented with the “Kid’s Choice Award” in Los Angeles.

Luca Hänni participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland

In 2017 Luca took part in the dance show “Dance Dance Dance” (RTL) and achieved first place. In addition, Luca competed several times in the “Ninja Warrior” competition. On Christmas 2018 he performed his German song “Bei mir” together with Helene Fischer in their “Die Helene Fischer Show”.

In 2019 Luca had another great success: he represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv and took fourth place with his song “She Got Me”.

With over 50 million streams, “She Got Me” is Lucas’ most successful hit and quickly reached platinum status.

Luca uses his popularity to volunteer: So in 2014 he wrote the song “only one you” for DKMS, is an ambassador for the butterfly children of the patient organization DEBRA in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as the association “Also I want go into Austria.

All videos with Luca Hänni

See “Let’s Dance” on TVNOW

Every Friday evening “Let’s Dance” runs parallel to the TV broadcast in the live stream at TVNOW. All episodes are also available here for later retrieval.


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