Lucas Kryzs with the costume of favorite

From this Monday and until Sunday are held in Besançon, the French sports shooting championships (10 meters). For this competition, which will attract hundreds of participants in the Comtois capital, a large Moselle delegation is expected (75 shots are planned during the competition) from the clubs of Bitche, Nitting, Dieuze, Hagondange, STEL, Montigny-lès-Metz , Thionville and Petite-Rosselle. The 75 Moselle shots are distributed as follows: 51 pistol shots, 22 rifle shots and 2 para shooting.

Among the great chances of a medal in rifle, we will count in the first place on Lucas Kryzs, who was crowned vice-world champion last fall in Peru. Another member of Nitting, Lucie Kissenberger, also has a very good card to play. In pistol, the spotlight will be on cadet Yacine Ouchani, from Bitche, who is one of Lorraine’s great hopes in the discipline.

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On the program this Monday, the mixed Team adult rifle with two teams from Nitting and one from Bitche, and in young rifle, two teams from Nitting and one from Thionville.