Lucas Pouille’s Incredible Comeback and Triumph Over Depression at Roland Garros

On the clay courts of Roland Garros, Lucas Pouille made a phenomenal comeback by qualifying in the second round. After his loss to Cameron Norrie, he was invited to talk about his return to the court in It’s up to you. The tennis player notably mentioned his descent into hell.

Since Sunday May 28, 2023, tennis lovers have been in heaven. They can follow the Roland-Garros tournament which takes place like every year in Paris. Unfortunately, the French players will not last long. After an exceptional first game, Gaël Monfils, recently become a fatherforfeited following a wrist injury.

On the female side, Caroline Garcia was also knocked out of the tournament in the second round against the Russian Anna Blinkova. If Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the big absentees from this tournamentNovak Djokovic shone on Monday, May 29.

A baby to change everything

On clay, another Frenchman was in the spotlight on Wednesday May 31, 2023. While facing Cameron Norrie, against whom he lost, Lucas Pouille sang a Marseillaise with the audience. This return with great fanfare, the tennis player celebrates it after a long year of absence where depression had taken precedence. In effect, in June 2022, the athlete made the decision to leave tennis for good. Invited by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine on Thursday June 1, 2023, he mentioned the reasons which had led him to make this choice.

“It started at the base ofa long elbow injury where I stopped for more than a year and a half, then trying to get back to his level, find goals, a reason why I was training very hard every day, every day.” without succeeding, it sinks into “a phase of depression”. To get out of it, he can count on his granddaughter, Rose, born on January 20, 2021. It was she who gave him the click one evening, when he was no longer sleeping and had gotten used to “drink a little”. “Around three, four o’clock in the morning, I receive a notification, my mobile turns on and it’s my wallpaper with my daughter showing up and then I say to myself: ‘You can’t be like that for her, it’s not possible. Tomorrow morning, you come back. Leaving, only to come back in the end!

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