Lucero conquers with her pronounced neckline (video)


Agency Mexico City.- The singer and actress Lucero appeared this morning on the Hoy program, where she sang the song “Necesitaría”, included on the album “Más enamorada”, in a band version.
The participation of the interpreter caused the emotion of the users of social networks, who expressed their support with comments to praise their talent and beauty, informs the 24Horas portal.
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Some of the users of the social networks, indicated the pronounced cleavage that takes the singer, which was a subject during the program.
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Already with us @LuceroMexico and as she asks, let’s make a trend #LuceroEnHoy – Today Program (@programa_hoy) May 16, 2018
Lucero shared different videos in his official Twitter account, as well as in the program, to ask for the support of his fans, who They returned the hashtah #LuceroEnHoy in trending topic.

#LuceroEnHoy – Lucero (@LuceroMexico) May 16, 2018

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of “Electricity” and “I’m dying to be with you”, revealed that her secret to look regal is to be in love. “[It’s important to live] a quiet life. I like to do exercises, feed myself well, [but] love makes it a beautiful one, “he said.

Lucero lives an eternal honeymoon with her boyfriend, the businessman Michael Kuri , according to People en Español.
“Yes I am very much in love as a woman of my partner, and as a lover of life, in love with all the good things that happen to me, of all the blessings that I have. I can not help but smile and thank you every day and many people may not understand it, especially those who are bitter, think that I am pretending or that ‘I am lazy, always happy’, but how lazy to be bitter, right? “,” He told MezcalTV.


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