Prior to the game, manager Park announced plans to increase the chances of playing Lucia, who suffered from right shoulder pain, saying, “Lucia’s physical condition is not 100%, but it is better than the last game.” Lucia scored 75 points in five matches in the first round, finishing third within the team after Kim Yeon-kyung (117 points) and Lee Jae-young (106 points). Among the foreign players in the league, he scored the least. In the second round of the 2nd round, the Korea Expressway Corporation on the 15th, as a substitute player in the 3rd and 4th sets, he failed to record a goal.

From the perspective of manager Park, he was very disappointed with his performance, but he decided to increase his chances by watching his condition recover. Lucia, who started on this day, showed ups and downs, but it seemed to have raised the sense of the game to some extent. In the beginning of the first set, he showed a rather heavy body movement, but as the game continued, the sense of the game revived. In the midst of their performance, Heungkuk Life Insurance won the first set with 25-17.

For the second set, Lucia hit an exciting spike to induce a touch-out while facing 2-2, and afterwards, she showed a helpless appearance in both attack and defense, and was replaced with Kim Mi-yeon (27) in the middle of the second set. Heungkuk Life Insurance laughed at 25-14 in the performances of Jaeyoung Lee and Yeonkyung Kim, who scored 6 points and 5 points respectively in the 2nd set. Lucia, who started in the 3rd set, added 3 points and adjusted his condition by replacing Kim Mi-yeon with 14-14.


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