Horoscope for November 2018Astrolog Vlad Ross has made a horoscope for all signs of the zodiac for November-2018. Four signs of the Zodiac – Aquarius, Lions, Taurus and Scorpios in November, it is better to lie down on the bottom. Stars promise them not the best month, the astrologer said in a comment to Glavred. In Aquarius in November, there may be difficult situations. They should be prepared for difficult situations related to their careers. There are all sorts of rash actions, disputes and contradictions with the parent. Therefore, it is better for Aquarius to postpone important career changes. But favorable to them, the situation may arise in connection with real estate and relocation. But you should be careful, because in November, representatives of this sign can be pierced on trifles. Read also the Third World or the end of the world: the astrologer told about the "death star" NibiruLev. Lions, like Aquarius, can pierce on the little things. Unaccounted trifles and trifles can adversely affect their affairs. This is the worst month for Lviv in terms of financial matters. They may make some unexpected mistakes. Taurus. Representatives of this sign also have a bad month. They face confrontation, the danger of litigation, discrepancies and contradictions with business partners. Especially difficult will be the first half of the month. Scorpio. Scorpions in November will also have an adverse trauma period. Especially when traveling, Scorpios must be very careful. They need to be attentive – they can be robbed. Because Scorpios in November, it is better not to leave the car in the wrong place at night and close the door well. Scorpions also have a danger associated with fire, so they should be careful with fire, electricity, and so on. But the real favorites of November-2018 will be Streltsy, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. Strelets. November is the most successful month for Sagittarius. Moreover, Jupiter, the planet of great luck, enters their zodiac sign. For them, this is a period of big things, new tasks and new opportunities. This is the time of their ascent to the summit. They are waiting for the realization of career ambitions. This is the period when you can travel, travel around the world, find foreign partners. This is a great time for a complete transformation of life and for emigration. Read also The astrologer told whether there will be a big war between Russia and Ukraine Gemini. In Gemini, November is a great time to enter into important financial transactions and to sign contracts. Especially in the middle of the month. They will be lucky in trade, they will successfully develop trips, communication with other people. Good luck will bring and entry into a large company. This month is the time for them to attend various trainings and refresher courses. Trips can also be very successful. Dev has a wonderful time to move to a new place of residence. They have a good situation in the family. Favorable will be big purchases in the house. They are lucky in all that relates to real estate, they can make great deals at this time. They will be good at things and in general at work. Virgins in November can do various operations (plastic, surgical) – a month will contribute to their recovery. Fish. In Pisces in November true love can flare up, brilliant romantic feelings can begin. This is the time when they can devote themselves to the man of the dream (or woman of the dream). Especially – in the 20s. Pisces will carry in November, they can win in gambling, because they can make bold bets. Pisces are waiting for "easy money." The neutral month will be for four Signs – Capricorns, Rakov, Libra and Aries. Read also "Serious Disease": the astrologer predicted when Putin would leave the post of Capricorn. For representatives of this sign the beginning of November will be more difficult. They can substitute and "throw" on the money. They need to be careful with the inspection bodies. They can "run down". In the second half of the month it would be nice for them to conduct an advertising campaign, to acquire new partners, especially foreign ones. This is a good time for financial affairs, since they will open up a host of new opportunities. The flow of money may increase. Cancer. In Cancers, on the contrary, the first half of the month will be favorable. They can have strong love and successful interaction with society. In November, Cancers can feel a sense of pride in their children, they will have reasons. They may develop favorable creative situations. And in the second half of the month, especially when Mercury becomes retrograde, Cancers should postpone large purchases and any commercial activity until better times. Because in the second half of the month they can wait for a complete failure in finance and money matters. There is a risk to buy something wrong. Weights. Weights will not be very successful beginning of November. They may have difficult situations with relatives, friends, and may experience critical situations and conflicts with neighbors. And in the second half of the month they will have a financial wave of success, great opportunities and trips. Libra will be "on horseback", especially from November 16 until the end of the month. Read also the Horoscope for November: a detailed forecast for each sign of the Zodiac. In Aries, the beginning of the month is more favorable than the second half. They will have the opportunity to increase their credibility, find financial opportunities, make important deals. Aries can spontaneously make the right decisions at this time. However, in the second half of the month, they may be wasted, lost, depreciated, some opportunities, problems associated with their ambitions, especially after the planet that controls Aries, Mars will go into the zodiac sign Pisces. Then the energy of Aries will go out, and it will happen after November 15th. Because the second half of the month, Aries can bring deceptions, illusions, bases and great temptations. Therefore, like no other, Aries in the second half of the month should be careful and give up the sweet promises that will be given to them. You can order a personal horoscope from Vlad Ross by clicking on the link. .


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