Lucky wins BRL 3.9 million in the lottery 13 months after receiving the same prize – News

Luck is never too much! That’s what a lucky man from Canada must have thought, who won BRL 3.9 million (1 million Canadian dollars) from the country’s lottery, 13 months after winning the same amount on a similar bet.

Antoine Beaini, from Milton, Ontario, bought a ticket for the Lotto Max draw on September 23. After finding out that he won, he said he was doubly shocked, especially having won the same amount in the lottery just over a year earlier.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Again?’ It was more shocking than the first win,” Antoine told the website of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp, which held the draw.

His idea for the amount is to ensure more comfort for his family, especially for the next generation.

“I want to make sure the next generation of my family is comfortably settled,” he said.

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