Ludogorets – Blau-Weiss (Linz) 1: 0 (Minutes)



Ludogorets beat Blau-Weiss (Linz) 1-0 in control

Ludogorets started its controls on Austrian soil with difficult success

The only goal was scored by Bernard Tekpetei


THE BALL IS CLEARED OF GOLLINIA! The final assault on Blau-Weiss was appropriate and again the bad luck deprived them of the equalizer. In the 87th minute Maranda proved to be the most resourceful when he dropped the ball in the field of Ludogorets, but his diagonal shot was cleared by the predictable Shakiil Pinas.


The Spaniard Iquinho Marin could remind that he is still part of the attack of Ludogorets in the 81st minute. The goalie decided to finish a combination through the center, but his shot on the ground turned out to be quite weak.


Shot by Spas Delev from a foul, which bounced off the wall and went over the crossbar.


BEAM FOR THE AUSTRIANS! It would not have been undeserved if Blau-Weiss (Linz) had restored parity a quarter of an hour before the final referee signal. Hussein Kelyoulev, who appeared on the field, made a mistake in the middle of the field, which allowed for a quick Austrian counter. The ball reached the uncovered on the edge of the penalty area Tobias Koch, who shot without preparation. Shaquille Pinas put his head down and the ball changed its trajectory. To the delight of everyone in “green”, it was only her meeting with the side beam.


Brazilian action created the first more interesting opportunity for Ludogorets in the second 45 minutes. In the 65th minute, Rick Jonathan advanced on the flank, then centered for second-placed Alex Santana. His header was not good enough and the ball went out.


The reserve goalkeeper of Ludogorets – Damyan Hristov, had to show up in the 53rd minute, when he instinctively reflected a shot from medium distance, in which there was not enough good visibility.


Even during the break, Ante Shimunca made almost a major change of his team, as some of the more experienced players appeared on the field, who were left on the bench.






CHANCE FOR LUDOGORETS! “The Greens could have doubled their lead in the 41st minute. In the sublime moment, however, Bernard Techpetey made too weak a pass for Igor Tiago, which was blocked just outside the goal of Blau-Weiss (Linz).


For some moments of the match, Ante Shimundja was quite disappointed with the performances of the Ludogorie defenders, who several times quite easily allowed themselves to be overcome. This led to complicated moments in front of the door of the Bulgarian team, which fortunately did not end with a goal.


After the collected goal, Blau-Weiss took the initiative again, as two dangerous situations took place in front of the Ludogorie gate. In one of them Padt reacted in time, and in the other luck in front of goal was again Bernardo Ronivaldo.


GOAL FOR LUDOGORETS! 1: 0! TEKPETEY! The alumni of Ante Shimunja took the lead in the 20th minute of the inspection. Blau-Weiss (Linz) deeply pressed the “eagles”, which with a few passes overcame the large number of Austrian players in the Razgrad half. All this opened a free corridor for Bernard Tectepei, as the Ghanaian reached the border of their penalty area undisturbed. From there, the wing was ruthless and with a strong kick on the ground knocked down Niklas Schmid.


I PADT AGAIN! The problems at the door of the home champion continued, and the Austrians were close to scoring again after only 120 seconds. In this case, however, Sergio Padt won the individual clash against Bernardo Ronivaldo.


SAVING THE PADT! Sergio Padt intervened decisively in the 10th minute when he had to save a dangerous shot by Ronivaldo. The Brazilian striker of Blau-Weiss played a wonderful combination with Matthias Seidel, which proved to be difficult to stop from the Ludogorie defense.


Ludogorets had the opportunity for something more interesting in front of the Austrian goal in the 7th minute, when Tekpetei centered the ball from a foul, but he could not find a teammate to play with his head.


The match started a little stronger for the third of last season in the second Austrian Bundesliga. The “blue and whites” had claims for a penalty, after according to them, Cicinho played illegally in his own penalty area. However, the judge of the control ruled that there was no formal violation of the rules.



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