The champion Ludogorets beat Eter with the expressive 6: 0 in the last match of the 17th round of the efbet League. The match in Razgrad was the debut for the new coach of the “eagles” Valdas Dambrauskas in the Bulgarian championship. His players had fun against the outsider from Veliko Tarnovo, and Claudiu Kesheriu shone with 4 goals. The Romanian strung them until the 52nd minute. Etar’s defender Plamen Krachunov scored an own goal in the 39th minute, and Cowley Oliveira scored in the final seconds.

This is the Eagles’ most impressive victory this season in the efbet League.

Kiril Despodov, who was very active in the match with Etar, could also score, but missed several advantageous positions.

The “Violets”, led by coach Alexander Tomasz, had to deal with a man less than 25 minutes. Then Hristo Ivanov received a red card for playing with his hand outside his penalty area, and the reserve Anatoli Gospodinov stood at the door. However, the former CSKA goalkeeper had to take the ball out of his net five times. After another defeat, Ether remains at the bottom with only 11 points in his assets.

Ludogorets, on the other hand, pulled again with 6 points in front of the pursuer CSKA, which beat Slavia 1-0 on Saturday. The Eagles have 42 and the Army has 36. The third Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) has 34 points. On February 20, the Eagles visit the Smurfs in a match of the 18th round of the efbet League (from 15:00).

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We remind you that Dambrauskas made his official debut in the match with Sportist (Svoge) for The Bulgarian Cup a few days ago, when the champions won 3: 1. And today against Ether the “eagles” demonstrated their class and deservedly congratulated themselves on the success.

The debut was recorded by the new addition Pieros Sotiriou. The Cypriot national team replaced Kesheriu in the 56th minute and finished the match.

efbet League – season 2020/2021
Championship standings

1: 0 Claudiu Kesheriu (6), 2: 0 Claudiu Kesheriu (36), 3: 0 Plamen Krachunov (39-own goal), 4: 0 Claudiu Kesheriu (42), 5: 0 Claudiu Kesheriu (52), 6: 0 Cowley Oliveira (90 + 2)

The most interesting moments of the match in minutes
1 – Start of the meeting.
5 – Despodov struck the first blow of the match, Hristo Ivanov caught the ball.
6 GOAL! 1: 0 for Ludogorets after a goal by Claudio Kesheriu! Captain Svetoslav Dyakov passed on the left wing of Anton Nedyalkov, who centered sharply in front of the goalkeeper of the guests Hristo Ivanov, where the Romanian goal scorer of the “Eagles” overtook Marian Ivanov and sent the ball into the net.
11 Despodov was brought to the left of the penalty area of ​​the “violet”, passed the ball between Plamen Krachunov and Bozhidar Katsarov, passing to Kesheryu, who, however, failed to intercept in front of the goal.
15 First knock on the door of the champions. Lovre Knezevic overcame Olivier Verdon, shot, Renan caught.
19 Knezevic’s pass, which was dropped by the defenders in green in the penalty area of ​​Ludogorets, intercepted Aldair’s cross from the left, Renan managed to save.
25 RED CARD for the goalkeeper of Etar Hristo Ivanov, who played with his hand just in front of his penalty area after an attempt by Tekpetei to transfer him.
27 Anatoli Gospodinov appeared in the game.
36 GOAL! Kesheriu scored for 2: 0! Jordan Ikoko centered in the penalty area of ​​the guests by air, where the star of the champions caught the ball with a volley and sent it into the net of Anatoli Gospodinov.
39 GOAL! 3: 0 for the Eagles. Despodov overcame Hristofor Hubchev, combining with Tekpetei. He returned for the former CSKA player, who tried to pass to Kesheryu, but Plamen Krachunov scored an own goal in an attempt to block the ball.
42 GOAL! Kesheriu forms his hat trick, the hosts are already leading with 4: 0! Anton Nedyalkov passed to the uncovered goal scorer of the “eagles”, who realized with his left foot.
45 + 3 – End of the first half.
46 – Start of the second half.
51 GOAL! Kesheriu with the fourth goal – 5: 0! Despodov centered in the penalty area of ​​Etar, and on a nearby crossbar the Romanian striker intercepted accurately and again straightened the ball in the door of Gospodinov.
56 The Cypriot national Pieros Sotiriou made his debut for Ludogorets. Coach Valdas Dambrauskas puts him in the place of the hero Kesheriu.
60 Chibota passed to Kiril Despodov on the far post, where the left uncovered national failed to catch in the door.
70 – Chibota tries to transfer Gospodinov. The goalkeeper remained in place and caught the ball.
90 – The added time is 2 minutes.
90+2 GOAL! 6: 0 for the champions, Cowley Oliveira also scored. Despodov cross from the right, Eter’s player cleared his head, the ball ended up in Cowley, who scored with an accurate shot with his right foot.
90 + 2 – End of the match. Ludogorets beat Etar with 6: 0

LUDOGORETS: 33. Renan, 3. Anton Nedyalkov (68 4. Blue ), 5. Georgi Terziev , 11.Kiril Despodov, 18.Svetoslav Dyakov (k) (68 12. Abel Anise), 22. Jordan Ikoko, 24. Olivier Verdon, 25. Stefan Badji (46) 64.Dominik Yankov), 37.Bernard Tekpetei (56 13. Mavis Chibota), 95. Cowley Oliveira , 28. Claudiu Kesheriu (56 19. Pieros Sotiriou)
Reserves: 23.Plamen Iliev, 4.Cicinho, 12.Abel Anise, 13.Mavis Chibota, 19.Pieros Sotiriou, 21.Dragos Grigore, 64.Dominik Yankov
Coach: Valdas Dambrauskas

AIR: 1. Hristo Ivanov , 83.Aldair Ferreira (46 20. Yani Pehlivanov), 6. Plamen Krachunov , 44. Bozhidar Katsarov, 84. Zdravko Iliev, 23. Hristofor Hubchev (82 81. Venelin Filipov), 26. Marian Ivanov, 16. Simeon Mechev, 22. Lovre Knezevic 13. Anatoli Gospodinov), 7. Milcho Angelov (56 99.Preslav Borukov), 11.Daniel Mladenov (46 70. Kolyo Stanev )
Reserves: 13.Anatoli Gospodinov, 81.Venelin Filipov, 70.Kolyo Stanev, 10.Gaetan Michel Kouku, 99.Preslav Borukov, 20.Yani Pehlivanov, 4.Erol Alkan
Coach: Alexander Tomasz

Razgrad, Huvepharma Arena
Judge: Georgi Kabakov

Legend: gol , own goal , yellow card , second yellow card , Red card , shift , the situation is dangerous


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