Ludogorets – LASK (Linz) 3: 0 (Development of the match by minutes)


Tournament: Controls
Stadium: Modensee, Austria
Audience: 133



Ludogorets defeated LASK (Linz) with 3: 0 in control

Ludogorets is ready to attack the Champions League, the “eagles” with prestigious success in their last control

The champion of Bulgaria defeated the Austrian LASK (Linz) with 3: 0


GOAL FOR LUDOGORETS !! 3: 0 !! KESHERU! The logic prevailed and Ludogorets deservedly took the lead with 3: 0 in the 80’s. Wanderson received an accurate pass from Gonsalves, then overtook Letard and continued for Kesheru. This time the Romanian did not make a mistake and had all the time in the world to create the classics.


Goalkeeper Polster continued to be the main reason for the result to remain only 2-0 in favor of the Eagles. The Austrian “failed” a new high-speed action of Ludogorets in the 76th minute, which shone mostly with the wonderful combination between Wanderson and captain Anton Nedyalkov.


Christian Kahlina intervened decisively in favor of Ludogorets in the 70th minute. The “Eagles” were pierced through the center, and the action reached Sukar, which is in a good shooting position. However, his diagonal shot was masterfully parried by Kahlina.


WHAT MISSINGS! Ludogorets could have regretted that in 180 seconds he wasted two exceptional chances to form the classic. The first was missed by Cowley Oliveira. The Brazilian again turned out to be elusive for the opponent, but he shot against the goalkeeper right in his range. Shortly afterwards, the Eagles were left in a three-on-one situation against Polster, but the reserve Kesheru did the hardest, sending the ball into the body of the hero-turned guard.


LASK (Linz) tries to return to the match immediately after the game resumes. The hosts became far more aggressive in attack thanks to the young ram Grigrer, who, despite his seventeen years, respected with his excellent physique.






Lucas Gargic breaks the rules and receives a yellow card.


GOOOL FOR LUDOGORETS !!! 2: 0 !! SOTIRIU! Eight minutes before the break, Ludogorets managed to double its lead. And again at the epicenter of events was Cowley Oliveira. The Brazilian demonstrated intransigence, pressing three defenders of the Austrians alone. And this led to their mistake and control of the ball by him near the outline. Then the midfielder raised his head and saw the uncovered Sotiriou, for whom it was child’s play to score for 2-0.


GOGINGER! LASK (Linz) could restore parity in the 35th minute. Winger Thomas Goginger was forgotten by Ikoko, who was unfocused at the time, and headed dangerously for Kahlina’s door. There was a feint and a shot in the far corner, which lacked the necessary accuracy.


B 32nd minute Bernard Techpetei naively tried to lie to the chief judge, pretending to be a penalty. However, the winger received only a yellow card. However, his reaction was far calmer than yesterday’s of Borislav Tsonev from Levski, who hit the cards of the referee El Khatib in the 13th minute of the check with Loko (Pd).

Bobi Tsonev took a strong horse because of the red card

Bobi Tsonev took a strong horse because of the red card

Zhivko Milanov shouted at him in front of all the players


The champion of Bulgaria continued to attack mainly on the left flank, where Anton Nedyalkov provided a perfect cross for Sotiriou. The striker was late with his approach to the ball and did not play with his head to the disappointment of his colleagues.


GOAL FOR LUDOGORETS !! 1: 0 !! ДЕСПОДОВ! The good period of Ludogorets was crowned with an opening goal. The Greens beat LASK with a quick combination that brought Cowley alone against Gebauer. The Brazilian demonstrated a team game and instead of himself, he bet on the safe, letting go of the uncovered Despodov, who scored on an empty net.


The new addition of Ludogorets – Claude Gonsalves demonstrated the softness of his leading pass in the 16th minute. It reached its final destination, Pieros Sotiriou, but the Cypriot was immediately overtaken by three LASK defenders, who did not allow him to fire a dangerous shot.


The 38-year-old guard of LASK – Gebauer, prevented a good action of Ludogorets in the sixth minute. Then Kiril Despodov received a pass in perspective, but the Bulgarian national, despite his great speed, failed to overtake the opponent’s goalkeeper.


The team of LASK (Linz) was the one that adjusted better to the first minutes of the test. The Austrians could have taken the lead with their first serious attack, but Kahlina’s excellent intervention thwarted their offensive plans.



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The team of Ludogorets will play its last control on Austrian soil. After winning a draw and losing, a №4 match for the Eagles pitted them against local LASK (Linz).

The two teams met at the end of last year in the group stage of the Europa League. Both matches ended with victories for the Austrians – 3: 1 and 4: 3. This season LASK will participate in the League of Conferences after finishing 4th in the Austrian championship.

Ludogorets' opponent with the first loss of points in the championship

Ludogorets’ opponent with the first loss of points in the championship

Only in the 14th round

Valdas Dambrauskas is unlikely to risk the inclusion of Alex Santana. The Brazilian midfielder was injured in the investigation against CFR Cluj. So in the middle of the field we are more likely to see the new addition Claude Gonsalves, who will partner with Cowley Oliveira.

Norwegians will play Ludogorets in the Champions League

Norwegians will play Ludogorets in the Champions League

On July 7 at 20:00 the Eagles will host Shakhtar (Soligorsk)

At the same time, the “eagles” see negotiations with the Israeli Maccabi (Tel Aviv), which wants in its ranks the reserve of the “greens” Mavis Chibota. The grand’s first offer was 800,000 euros.

Tomorrow Ludogorets returns to Razgrad, where they will prepare for the first match in the Champions League with Shakhtar (Soligorsk). The match is on July 7 at 20:00 at Huvepharma Arena.

Ludogorets returns to Bulgaria on Monday at noon

Ludogorets returns to Bulgaria on Monday at noon

The Eagles will play their last control today