Ludogorets on his knees! Brave “smurfs” rejoice in the spectacle of “Lauta” VIDEO

Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) beat Ludogorets 3: 2 in an intriguing spectacle from the 18th round of the efbet League. Thus, the intrigue became even more complicated after the champions remained with 42 points at the top, and the “Smurfs” came out second with 37 in their assets, with only one ahead of CSKA, which hosts the Black Sea at 17:30.

The match of “Lauta” offered a real spectacle in which the players of coach Alexander Tunchev managed to achieve success. Abel Anise opened the scoring for Ludogorets in the 17th minute, after which Lokomotiv reached the turning point with two goals in less than three minutes. Momchil Tsvetanov equalized in the 41st, and in the 43rd Footballer №1 of Bulgaria for 2019 and 2020. Dimitar Iliev scored a great goal for 2: 1, masterfully transferring Renan.

In the 53rd Claudiu Kesheriu equalized from a penalty, but in the 77th Lucas Salinas cut the champions, scoring for 3: 2 and bringing victory to Lokomotiv.

The loss is only the second for Ludogorets in the championship this season.

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Valdas Dambrauskas’ players were the first to score in the match in Plovdiv. In the 17th minute Kesheriu passed on the left wing to Despodov, who demonstrated his speed, overtook Gomis and invaded dangerously in the penalty area of ​​Lokomotiv, followed by an excellent pass for Abel Anise, who scored for 1: 0.

In the 23rd minute, the “Smurfs” created their most dangerous situation since the beginning of the match. Karagaren centered in the penalty area to Georgi Minchev, who intercepted with his head, sending the ball past the left post. Two passes by Tekpetei followed, and in the 41st minute the hosts equalized. Karagaren passed to Lucas Salinas on the edge of the penalty area, the Brazilian immediately continued to the uncovered Momchil Tsvetanov, who scored for 1: 1.

Only 120 seconds later, the “smurfs” reached a complete turnaround. After a mistake by the players of Ludogorets in the center of the field, the ball reached Salinas, who passed to Dimitar Iliev. The captain of Lokomotiv masterfully transferred Renan from the edge of the penalty area, scoring in a great way for 2: 1.

At the beginning of the second half, the Eagles pressed the opponent and created several dangers for Martin Lukov. In the 53rd minute Ludogorets received a penalty after Christian Gomis knocked down Tekpetei in the penalty area. Behind the ball stood Kesheryu, who with an accurate shot in the lower left corner of Lukov made 2: 2.

In the 60th minute Dinish Almeida hit a crossbar, and Tunchev’s team played even more actively and created serious problems for the defense of Ludogorets. In the 74th minute Almeida made another pass. This time the home midfielder failed to detect a sharp pass from Karagaren after he was dropped on the far post. The “black and whites” still reached the third goal. Lucas Salinas scored in the 77th minute. David Malembana shot from a foul of about 30 meters, Renan tried to catch the ball, but dropped it right at the feet of Salinas, who made an accurate pass for 3: 2.

By the end, Cowley Oliveira missed twice, and in the second situation Martin Lukov intervened decisively and saved his shot, keeping the fragile lead of the “black and whites”.

In added time, the debut for Lokomotiv in the championship was recorded by the teenager Ivan Aramazov, born in 2003.

efbet League – season 2020/2021
Championship standings

0: 1 Abel Anise (17), 1: 1 Momchil Tsvetanov (41), 2: 1 Dimitar Iliev (43), 2: 2 Claudiu Kesheriu (53-penalty), 3: 2 Lucas Salinas (77)

The most interesting moments of the match by minutes:
1 – Start of the meeting.
7 – Karagaren’s pass to Dimitar Iliev, the defenders of Ludogorets coped with the situation and the danger passed.
17 GOAL! Abel Anise gave Ludogorets the lead. The midfielder took the ball in the center of the field, passed to Kesheryu, he continued on the left wing for Despodov, who demonstrated his speed, ran over Gomis and invaded dangerously in the penalty area of ​​the hosts, sent an excellent pass to Anise, for whom he only had to catch the ball in front of the goal line and send it into the net of Martin Lukov.
23 Danger at Renan’s door. Georgi Minchev intercepted with his head the ball centered by Karagaren, overtaking Verdon and Josue Sa, sent it past the left crossbar into the out.
40 The injured Svetoslav Dyakov was replaced by Stefan Badji.
41 GOAL! Momchil Tsvetanov scored for 1: 1. Lucas Salinas received a pass from Karagaren, who immediately continued in the penalty area to the uncovered Momchil Tsvetanov and he shot Renan.
43 GOAL! A complete turnaround! Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) took the lead with 2: 1 after a great goal by Dimitar Iliev. Anise made a mistake in taking the ball out, giving it to Umarbaev, who gave it to his captain. Dimitar Iliev decided to masterfully transfer Renan from the edge of the penalty area and succeeded, scoring a beautiful goal.
45 + 1 – End of the first half.
46 – Start of the second half.
52 PENALTY for Ludogorets, after Gomis cut and knocked down Tekpetei in the penalty area of ​​Lokomotiv. Yellow card for the Smurfs defender.
53 GOAL! 2: 2 after an accurate penalty from Kesheryu! The goal scorer of Ludogorets sent the ball in the lower left corner of Lukov, who threw himself in the opposite.
60 BEAM! Dinish Almeida intercepted the centered ball with his head, sending it into the left post of Renan’s goal.
74 Dinish Almeida failed to sign. Karagaren centered sharply on the far post, but he failed to catch the ball in the visitors’ goal.
77 GOAL! 3: 2 for Lokomotiv! Malembana took a direct free kick, shot hard, the ball bounced in front of Renan, who could not catch it and it fell right on the feet of Lucas Salinas, who with an accurate pass gave the lead to the “black and whites”.
90 – The added time is 3 minutes.
90 + 3 – End of the match. Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) beat Ludogorets 3: 1.

LOCOMOTIVE (Pd): 71.Martin Lukov, 51.Dinish Almeida, 25.Lucas Masoero, 4.Christian Gomis , 39.Parviz Umarbaev (65 5.Devid Malembana), 34.Peter Vitanov, 9.Birsent Karagaren, 7.Momchil Tsvetanov (63 11. Conor Rouen), 16. Lucas Salinas (90+3 50. Ivan Aramazov), 14. Dimitar Iliev (88 44.Nikolay Nikolaev), 10.Georgi Minchev
Reserves: 1. Ilko Pirgov, 5. David Malembana, 44. Nikolay Nikolaev, 11. Conor Rouen, 20. Alexander Ivanov, 19. Alexander Kolev, 50. Ivan Aramazov
Coach: Alexander Tunchev

LUDOGORETS: 33. Renan, 3. Anton Nedyalkov, 22. Jordan Ikoko, 24. Olivier Verdon, 32. Josue Sa, 18. Svetoslav Dyakov (40 25. Stefan Badji ), 12.Abel Anise (79 13 Mavis Chibota), 37 Bernard Tekpetey (67 19. Pieros Sotiriou), 95. Cowley Oliveira , 11.Kiril Despodov (80 10. Elvis Manu), 28. Claudiu Kesheriu
Reserves: 23.Plamen Iliev, 4.Cicinho, 5.Georgi Terziev, 10.Elvis Manu, 13.Mavis Chibota, 25.Stefan Badji, 19.Pieros Sotiriou
Coach: Valdas Dambrauskas

Plovdiv, Lokomotiv Stadium
Judge: Volen Chinkov

Legend: gol , own goal , yellow card , second yellow card , Red card , shift , the situation is dangerous



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