Ludwig caught Amouranth – secretly watches Twitch during the stream

One of the biggest Twitch streamers was caught by streamer Ludwig (26) – Amouranth (27) is secretly watching other streams while she is streaming herself. MeinMMO tells you what’s going on.

Amouranth is known for her antics and permissiveness on Twitch. She was often banned from the platform for a short time because of this.

With her streams she reaches thousands of viewers every day and earns huge sums by licking her microphone or simply sitting in inflatable pools on a banana while she writes the names of the viewers on her body.

She is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and knows how to market herself properly against the strong competition.

Ludwig discovers what Amouranth is really doing in her streams

Ludwig is also a huge Twitch streamer and got really known for his Subathon, where he was live for 21 days without a break. Viewers could donate subs to him, which kept extending the stream.

He broke the sub-record on Twitch with the Subathon and reached a total of 283,061 subscribers on the platform.

While Ludwig was streaming again, he discovered Amouranth in his chat, who wanted to “discuss business risks” with him. He jokingly agreed and discovered that Amouranth was just live himself.

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He was confused that she was chatting with him even though she was streaming ASMR.

Are you secretly watching Twitch while licking your microphone ?!

Ludwig brought it to the extreme and called out questioningly:

Did I just find out that you are farming thousands of viewers while secretly watching Twitch? Oh my God? Do you watch movies, TV shows and Netflix series while you stream?

He then asked them to nod, should his statement be true. Amouranth did so with a broad grin, confirming his statements.

The chat and Ludwig were delighted that Amouranth was licking her microphone and making other ASMR noises while she was watching his or other streams.

All participants saw it with humor. The chat spammed laughing emotes and wrote “caught” and “leaked” while both Twitch streamers enjoyed themselves.

Ludwig then sent his community to Amouranth in a raid and praised the 27-year-old for working the hardest of all on Twitch.

It’s amazing how Amouranth makes huge sums of money and has thousands of viewers while doing what others do in their free time.

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