Lugo’s complaint has no basis, according to lawyer

ASSUMPTION.- The lawyer and attorney for Honor Colorado, Eduardo González, assured that the complaint of Fernando Lugo for his dismissal from the presidency of the Republic via impeachment in 2012, has no basis, considering that all the rigorous procedures were complied with in the process.

González maintained that the right to defense was given to the then President of the Republic. “All the procedure that was taken into account with respect to the impeachment of Fernando Lugo, all the procedural procedures were carried out for the exercise of the defense in court. I even remember that they had set deadlines for the defense, including for argumentation and that they did not use all their time, “he said.

He also explained that the procedure is a purely administrative issue, as well as a jurisdictional issue that Congress is empowered to carry out. “What happens is that until now there is no law that regulates the process of impeachment, as there is in other countries, and in this way how it is going to question whether it is an issue that is established in the Constitution itself and for each case There is a regulation that is being carried out, and so far this has been done ”, he said.



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