Luhut regarding OSS Electronic Permits Still Troubled: Telling Steve Jobs to Don’t Finish All Pages – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan acknowledged that the system Online Single Submission (OSS) is still not perfect and still has problems.

Luhut said that building an OSS system was not an easy matter. It took quite a while. Even as an example, a figure at the level of Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft owner Bill Gates, said Luhut, might be in trouble.

“As for OSS, I think OSS is a super big job. So there are still problems here and there, but success story they are for the MSME scale, there is no problem. If it’s a big one, it requires another big collaboration,” Luhut said in his statement, Friday (18/3/2022).

“So we still need improvements for the future again. The term from team two said something like this to me, ordered Steve Jobs to wake up again from his grave with Bill Gates to complete (OSS) in a day it won’t be finished, it won’t be finished in a week, either. ” continued Luhut.

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Luhut revealed that the government was indeed trying to fix various problems that entrepreneurs complained about, especially with large scale businesses, in the OSS system belonging to the Ministry of Investment.

According to him, the reason it takes a long time is because the OSS system in Indonesia requires digital data from all over the country.

The amount is not small, which is around 2,000 digital map from the city district. Meanwhile, currently the government only has 56 digital map.

“For what reason, we need 2,000 digital maps from regencies/cities, now we only have 56. We have to increase that. When it’s finished, gradually everything is done, we will be even better going forward. I think in two years or one half a year we will be able to perfect it all,” he said.

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He estimates that in the next one to two years, the OSS system will be able to run even better. Therefore, he asked all parties to be patient.

He will also ensure that his party will continue to work to find the best solution for the improvement of OSS.

“Don’t blame each other, this OSS is a real manifestation of the mandate of the Copyright Law which was published to provide business licensing facilities,” said Luhut.

“Indeed, this is a big job, because we unite all of them. We were lucky yesterday that the Job Creation Law existed so that many problems could be resolved,” added Luhut.

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So, Luhut continued, if there are still complaints from the Ministry of Investment which handles OSS, there is no problem. According to Luhut, the most important thing is to solve problems by finding solutions.

“So if there are complaints from friends at OSS, nothing is wrong. So we have to sacrifice a little to include this. Now we are looking for a solution and we don’t need to say that this is wrong, that is wrong, no,” he said.

On August 9, 2021, President Joko Widodo has inaugurated a risk-based online OSS system for the purpose of applying for a business license.

With this OSS system, later micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs can apply for a business license online.

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(Author: Ade Miranti Karunia | Editor: Aprillia Ika)

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