Luigi Saves is the new Attorney General of the Cassation: the CSM chooses Salvi’s deputy. Beaten (17 votes to 8) the pg of Naples Luigi Riello

Luigi Saved is the new general Attorney of the Court of Cassation. The plenum of the High Council of the Judiciary nominated him by majority, in a session chaired for the occasion by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella. Saved is the current deputy attorney general, that is the “deputy” of the pg in charge Giovanni Salviwho will retire on 9 July: he got the better of the other candidate proposed by the Nomination Commission, the Attorney General of Naples Luigi Riello. To Salvatore, a member of the centrist current of Unicost17 votes went: in addition to the councilors of his group, the progressives of Areathe “davighiani” of Autonomy and independence, the lay people in altitude Movimento 5 Stelle and the current leaders of the Supreme Court (Salvi and the first president Pietro Curzio, member by right of the CSM). For Riello, who has a past in Unicost and today is close to Independent judiciaryeight voted: in addition to the four of his current, the two lay people of Forza Italia, Emanuele Basile of the League and the independent Nino Di Matteo.

To tip the scales on the side of Saved, according to his supporters, the four years of management positions carried out in the Supreme Court (first as advocate general and then as adjunct pg) considered a preferential title by the CSM circular on top appointments at the Supreme Court. An experience that was lacking in Riello’s curriculum, however compensated – according to the director of the independent judiciary Antonio D’Amato, who proposed his appointment – by the possession of another preferential title: the “significant ordinal experiences“Carried out by Riello before Csmwhere he was a councilor from 2002 to 2007 for Unicost, and then to the Judicial Council of Naples.

In the judiciary since 1980, Salvatore was a judge in the courts of Lagonegro, Santa Maria Capua Vetere and Naples and then a member of the CSM Studies Office, before joining the Supreme Court. At the Supreme Court he began as a magistrate in charge ofOffice of the maximalthen he was a councilor and then deputy attorney general, before holding the management positions of advocate general (from 2018) and added Pg (from 2020). Author of numerous essays, he was also a study assistant of three different constitutional judges. At the General Prosecutor of the Cassation he also dealt with the disciplinary sector and represented the accusation in the trial of the former president of the ANM Luca Palamara, which ended with his removal from the judiciary. In fact, the Attorney General is the owner, together with the Minister of Justice, of theexercise of disciplinary action towards the magistrates.