Through a press conference, the Bolivian opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho made it clear on Thursday that he did not travel to La Paz to leave in a window the resignation letter he wants to sign Evo Morales and that, instead, is willing to wait the necessary time to meet face to face with the president of Bolivia in the Government Palace.

“Yesterday, the government minister left a window open until night to leave the letter. I want to tell Mr. Morales and the Minister of Government that This letter is not going to be delivered in any window when it comes to the voice of the Bolivian people approved in the Cabildo Cruzño and backed by the Bolivian people in different councils ”, declared the president of the Civic Committee for Santa Cruz and the main promoter of the strike for an indefinite period in repudiation of the recent elections with allegations of fraud.

"The letter will be delivered, by decision of those who joined us and publicly with the media and open doors, to Mr. Morales so that the people can express their feeling", he claimed.

Camacho also expressed his solidarity with the victims of the repression of the security forces of Evo Morales, who has already left at least three dead since the beginning of the opposition demonstrations in the country 16 days ago. “I want to ask the people of Santa Cruz not to worry about me, that I will be fine. I appreciate that concern but we are with God and we are united, which is what matters most, ”he added.

And he announced that this Thursday he will have a meeting with leaders of other civic committees "that are coming from all over the country" and social organizations "to resolve joint actions and that are not a single person's decision."

The Bolivian government ruled on Thursday that President Evo Morales will resign before concluding his current term and even less having proclaimed him the winning electoral body of the recent general elections, despite what his detractors ask him to accuse him of electoral fraud.

"Why would we have to resign, if we just won the election?", said the Bolivian Vice President, Álvaro García Linera, in an appearance before the media in La Paz. The authority considered that asking if Evo Morales is going to resign is like asking: "Do we bury democracy?"

“President Evo and his vice president have been elected to govern from January 22, 2015 to January 22, 2020. It is our management, the Constitution says, the popular vote says”, he pointed. For García Linera, resigning before January 22 “would be ignorance of the Bolivian Constitution”.

The vice president responded in this way to the opposition sectors and citizens requesting the resignation of Morales by denouncing that there was fraud in his favor by the electoral body in the elections of October 20, in which he was proclaiming winner for a fourth consecutive term until 2025.

From the days after the elections there are violent protests and clashes in Bolivia between those who are in favor and against the president, who have already been charged Three deaths

The trigger for suspected manipulation of the vote was on the day after the vote a sudden change in the trend of provisional computation, What happened to anticipate a second round between Morales and the opponent Carlos Mesa to predict a victory in the first round of the Bolivian president.

The Government has requested evidence of the alleged fraud and has accused those who protest against attempting a "coup d'etat", in addition to organizing them to promote violence in the country, something that the vice president reiterated in his appearance.

In El Alto, a neighboring city of La Paz, Morales's supporters surrounded the airport on Monday night and much of Tuesday to avoid Camacho's arrival, checking passengers and vehicles and deciding who was entering and who was not.

Camacho was finally able to arrive in La Paz on Wednesday, in the midst of a strong official operation that did not prevent that after the civic leader left the terminal, the like-minded to the president would close for hours to those who had arrived at the place to express their support.


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