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Luis Fonsi and Adamari López: Wife of the singer of 'Despacito' takes radical decision after seeing the ex-partner in Un Nuevo Día | Toni Costa | Instagram | Mexico | Puerto Rico | Shows

After the expected meeting between Luis Fonsi and Adamari López in the morning program 'A New Day', Águeda López, the singer's wife, surprised with an unexpected decision.

The Spanish model stunned all her fans on Instagram with the posts she made after seeing her husband with her ex-partner on television.

Despite what many may think, Águeda López She continued to be happy in the images she published in her account in the aforementioned social network, making it clear that the meeting of Luis Fonsi and Adamari López did not affect her in the least. He even shared a photograph where he appears wearing a low cut red dress with only one sleeve on his shoulder; in it, the interpreter of 'Easy' He commented with a flame of fire.

Águeda López also published snapshots of Rocco Y Mikaela, the two little children he has with the singer.

Remember that Luis Fonsi Y Adamari López they started their love story in 2006 and they got married that same year; However, they did not last long together because only four years later, in 2010, they decided to put an end to their romance and divorced.

Both the singer and the television host managed to rebuild their sentimental lives separately. While Luis Fonsi married Águeda López in 2014, Adamari López fell in love with the dancer Toni Costa and with him he had his daughter Alaïa.

The meeting between the artists finally served to show that they smoothed out rough edges and had no problem communicating.

Luis Fonsi manifests after the uncomfortable reunion with Adamari López

Luis Fonsi broke his silence after the live match with Adamari López and revealed what kind of relationship they have after almost 9 years of divorce.

The interpreter of 'Easy' was consulted by the program 'Tell me what you know' about how he lived the reunion with his ex-partner, and made it clear that it is not the first time they both see each other. "We have seen ourselves on many occasions before this, it was not like the first time", said the interpreter of 'Despacito'.

When asked about his current relationship with Adamari López, the artist said: "Well normal, as if nothing, we are friends," he said.



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