Luis Fonsi comes out in defense of Will Smith: “He was wrong, but he is a spectacular human being”

This Tuesday, the set of ‘The Anthill’ has once again had music as the main protagonist. Luis Fonsi has visited the Trancas y Barrancas set to present his new CD, ‘Law of gravity’which went on sale on March 11.

The new work of the artista is made up of 16 songs, in which he fuses different musical genres and has with the collaboration of professional colleagues such as Sebastian Yatra, Rauw Alexander, Nicky Jam, Myke Towers, Manuel Turizo O farruco.


The Puerto Rican spoke with Pablo Motos about the meaning of your new job title and one of the songs that compose it.

I have a song called ‘Law of gravity’what talks about that connection, that things happen because they have to happenwhat you can’t fight the law of gravity, but I liked the true meaning. People think that the law of gravity is that something falls to the ground because it is heavy and that’s it. Actually is attractionn, the largest mass attracts the smallest mass, and I liked that romanticism of attraction and that is love, that is music and that is how human beings are”, explained Fonsi.

However, the song with which the album shares its title is not the single from the album.

‘Dolce’ is the single from ‘Law of Gravity’ and, according to the singer, “it’s a rhythmic, happy theme that gives a good vibe… Spring and summer are approaching little by little, and it’s a song to dance to, to have fun.”


During his visit, Luis Fonsi also reviewed other great successes of his musical career, especially ‘Despacito’, a subject about which the presenter asked him, and which marked a turning point in his career.

‘Slowly’ changed my life. I came from a much more romantic world, although I always liked parties and rhythmic themes, but they asked me for a ballad and I wrote it. What happens is that in this case my body already asked me to dance a little and to a certain extent celebrate my land, Puerto Rico as well, and this idea was born. And definitely marked a before and after and it is a song that I know I will sing the rest of my life And I will do it with much love and with much respect. As long as people want to listen to it, I I’m going to sing it because it gave me the opportunity to know the whole world“said the guest.


Like all the familiar faces that pass through the set of Antena 3, in ‘El Hormiguero’ they touch on all the topics, especially the current ones, beyond the very reason for the interview and, in this case, the artist could not leave without speaking the most commented of all, what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock in the middle of the Oscars gala.

Luis Fonsi was one of the singers who performed at the awards ceremony held in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and Pablo Motos wanted to know how he had experienced the incident first-hand.

“First of all, It was amazing to sing at the Oscarsr. I sang a song from the movie ‘Encanto’, a Disney cartoon, a song called ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ and It was brutal, impressive, seeing all the Hollywood actors there“, Fonsi began by highlighting, before telling how he lived the famous moment.

I went to my dressing room to change and suddenly I felt like a runner runs through the corridors and I started getting messages about what happened. And I saw it on TV, on the phone, and I didn’t understand what had happened until I heard what he said, “he explained and gave his point of view of what happened.

“I can’t tell you he’s my friend, but I know Will Smith and he seems like a spectacular human being to mer. he was wrong, because violence leads nowhere, but it’s a mistake“, concluded the singer, making his opinion clear on the matter.