Luis García described the charge of America’s penalty as a ‘clown’

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 21.02.2021 21:55:45

The way like America took a penalty before Atlas left extremely upset Luis Garcia, who after arguing with Luis Roberto Alves Zague the topic he insisted it’s a clown, far from the great gestures that exalt football.

Saturday night Sebastian Cordova Y Henry Martin conspired to collect the two-touch penalty, something that surprised the Atlas players and helped the Eagles to take the 1-0 lead at the match.

I do not share those kinds of gestures. This is how Cruyff threw it, this is how Messi threw it, but I do not share it. It does not have to see who collected it or the team, because it is more than evident that being America is polarized, “said the TV Azteca analyst hours after he expressed his annoyance during transmission.

He said that soccer has “beautiful gestures” as can be the Olympic goals, fantastic free kicks, the tunnel, the self-pass, a beautiful wall, a volley, a Chilean, a filtered pass “, contrary to a charge like the one that occurred in Jalisco.

“This situation of taking a two-touch penalty in my opinion does not enhance it, they do not make the game better, so I do not share it and It even seems like a clown, a joke if you can name it that way, “he said.



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