Luis Guadalupe complains of being extorted by members of criminal gang ‘Tren de Aragua’

Former soccer player Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe denounced this Tuesday that he has been extorted by an alleged member of the criminal organization of Venezuelan origin the ‘Aragua Train’. For this reason, the athlete asked the authorities for help and expressed concern about the increase in citizen insecurity.

“On Monday, around 2 pm, my representative received a call via WhatsApp, apparently the person who called thought he was talking to me, even in the audio Luis Alberto says. It suggests that there were some people who have come to the restaurant and that they had paid to carry out a hitman against me. He said that they had references from me, that I was a person who had no problems with anyone and they wanted to see how that would stay there, but as long as they received 50% of what that they had supposedly paid about five thousand soles for the hired killer,” the former soccer player told RPP.

louis guadeloupe He commented that his representative tried to delay the matter and the subject, noticing that they did not accept his demands, threatened to attack him anyway.

“The subject sent a second message, an audio, saying that I had made the worst decision of my life and that they were going to proceed, throwing a grenade,” he added.

Guadalupe reiterated a call to the National Police because she fears for her integrity and the lives of her relatives. In this sense, he urged that investigations be initiated.

They intervene foreigners who had a party on a yacht

Members of the National Police intervened in Callao 19 citizens of Venezuelan nationality with a record for various crimes and who would be involved in the murder of a security guard in the Lince district that occurred on September 16.

These are 12 men and 7 women, who were having a party inside a boat near Plaza Miguel Grau, on the Callao pier. According to police information, two subjects threw a package into the sea when they saw the officers, so the intervention proceeded.

Another group of agents found a Toyota vehicle parked in the square, which would have been rented by one of the subjects. Inside was found a pistol stocked with 14 ammunition and 8 additional ammunition.

From the Policeman They indicated that, after the intervention, specialized divers from the Salvage Unit submerged in the sea and were able to recover five high-end cell phones, which had been thrown by the intervened. These kits would contain valuable information about criminal offenses in which they would be involved.