Luis Potro Caballero reveals why he ended with Michelle Vieth

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Mexico City / 14.05.2022 08:19:18

The former member of Acapulco Shore, Luis Potro Caballero has had affairs with some celebrities, including Michelle Vieth, who is mainly known for her roles in telenovelas such as Amigas y rivales. Caballero recently spoke about the reason why his relationship with the actress ended.

It was in The House of Celebrities 2, reality in which he participates Potro Caballero, who had a talk with actor Eduardo Rodríguez. At that time, the model explained the reasons why his romance with Michelle Vieth ended.

“We lasted almost a year. “Her ex-husband, psycho, also got out of control, he has her very threatened (…), also my peace of mind, first, because I was already ‘they are going to kill me,'” Luis Caballero said.

The famous explained that another of the reasons why he put an end to his courtship with Michelle Vieth was the difference in age, since when she was 42 years old, he was about to turn 30.

“Completely another channel, it is another age, another responsibility, children. I’m not here yet to take that package.”

Even though their relationship ended, the ex Acapulco Shore rHe remembered Michelle Vieth and mentioned that she is a great woman.

“I like her unbelievably, but yes, she brings a background that I say poor thing, she raffles, works, raises her children, but if the bad decisions of the guys she has been with, poor thing. She hopefully will find her way, right now she has returned to the soap operas and I am very happy, she wanted to return, but her ex would not let her, she had it in the trunk ”.

The couple met when they started working as drivers of Your house, Azteca TV show. The chemistry between them was evident and they began a relationship.

Rumors that Michelle Vieth was unfaithful to her then boyfriend, Christian Aparicio with Luis Caballero startedThey arose, however, the actress denied it on different occasions.