Luis Suárez settles with Barcelona

After six years, Luis Suarez had to leave FC Barcelona in the summer. The new coach Ronald Koeman no longer relied on the services of the star striker and gave him to league rivals Atletico Madrid. The Uruguayan proves that the 34-year-old can still do it with his new club, with which he leads the league.

Lack of respect

In an interview with France Football, Suarez now reckons with his ex-club mercilessly. “What really bothered me: They told me I was old and could no longer play at a high level, no longer be part of a big team. I didn’t like that, ”said the striker. “If I hadn’t done anything for Barca in three or four years, I would have understood. But I scored my 20 goals every season. ”

“Barca just didn’t count on me anymore. They didn’t want me anymore. I’ve reached an age where I deserve a certain amount of respect, ”added Lionel Messi’s close friend. In Madrid, Suarez is happy again: “It’s about self-esteem. After all these years in Barcelona I wanted to show that I can still play at the highest level. ”


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