Luisa’s murderer will not be punished. Parents from the city are afraid to let their children out

The German town of Freudenberg, where 12-year-old Luise came from, lives in fear. The two girls who, according to the police, murdered Luis, will probably not be punished. Parents are now afraid to let their children out alone.

Germany still hasn’t recovered from the horrific murder of 12-year-old Luisa. She did not return home from visiting her friend at the weekend. Police officers found Luisa dead near an abandoned railway station after twelve o’clock on Sunday. The verdict was clear: someone had murdered the girl.

The police managed to solve the case quickly. They announced Tuesday that they have a suspect. They are supposed to be two girls aged 12 and 13 who knew the dead person. According to police, both confessed to stabbing Luis.

The results of the autopsy also correspond to this. According to the Merkur portal, it was clear that the murdered girl suffered a number of stab wounds, which revealed the attack in an affect. However, investigators are missing the murder weapon. The woods around Hohenheim, where Luis was found, are therefore still being combed by police with metal detectors to find the knife.

But the most shocking thing is the fact that both girls will apparently escape punishment. According to German law, children under the age of 14 are inviolable by law and cannot be convicted. And that regardless of how serious the crime they commit. According to the law, such young people cannot evaluate the consequences of their actions, the Stern portal reported.

However, both suspects will most likely have to undergo a psychiatric examination and treatment in a specialized facility. The possibility of them being placed in foster care is also being considered. However, the state approaches this option cautiously due to concerns about a lengthy court case.

These news certainly did not calm the residents of Freudenberg, where Luise came from. On the contrary, parents in the city are now afraid that their children will not meet the same fate. Some don’t even let their children go outside. “I will stop when the case is resolved,” admitted the father from Freudenberg, who started accompanying his children to and from school every day, according to Merkur.

Watch footage from where police found the girl’s body: