Luise Matejczyk: “Cologne 50667” actress is pregnant

Actress has child

Good reason for the “Cologne 50667” break: Luise Matejczyk is pregnant

Good news from Luise Matejczyk: the actress known from the reality daily soap “Köln 50667” is pregnant. The 32-year-old announced this on her Instagram channel.

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“Our miracle came to us via pregnancy test. It was actually always Pascal’s wish, but not really mine so far, because I’ve never been able to imagine it with anyone and I’ve never seen myself in the role of mother and I couldn’t imagine that that would change,” Matejczyk said. Bild” newspaper. The father of the child is partner and fellow actor Pascal Zadow.

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Her statement is all the more understandable in view of the illness from which the actress suffers. Due to an abdominal disease (endometriosis), pregnancy is not a risk-free undertaking. “Thank God there are still no complications, on the contrary. But that’s not the norm either, and I’m very grateful for that.”

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In the Instagram post, Matejczyk reveals that it will be a girl. However, the couple did not provide any information on the name. The only thing that is clear is that the fans of “Köln 50667” will have to do without the actress of “Lea Hammerschmidt” for the time being. But not forever, as Matejczyk promises: “I’ll take a break to rest. After that I will definitely come back! Cologne needs Lea Hammerschmidt.”

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