Luka Doncic’s prank on Zion Williamson with more than 200 thousand reproductions on the networks


In addition to being one of the best players in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Luka Doncic has also become a charismatic character capable of bringing smiles wherever he goes, in this case one of his rivals, Zion Williamson.

Doncic and Williamson are two of the young figures that the NBA has.
© Tom Pennington/Getty ImagesDoncic and Williamson are two of the young figures that the NBA has.

Inside of National Basketball Association (NBA)there are several players who, rather than being the next figures in the league, are beginning to see themselves as stars of the present. Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson are included in that list..

The Dallas Mavericks guard has already shown that he can have the team under his wing, guiding them in consecutive seasons to get excited about the championship. The pivot of New Orleans Pelicansfor its part, showed his talent on the field of play as long as he was able to stay healthy.

Both players will be participating this week in the prestigious Quai54, the most important street basketball tournament in the world. There, Luka surprised again with his audacity when making jokes, in this case involving Zion.

Luka Doncic admitted he would steal from Zion Williamson’s game

The Jordan Brand-sponsored event had its own press conference with its star performers, and when Luka Doncic was asked which aspect of the game he would steal from Zion Williamson, took the opportunity to joke about the subject.

I can jump like him so I guess I wouldn’t steal that“, Said the Slovenian, who was participating with his team in the European qualifiers for the World Cup. And between laughs, he clarified: “But outside of joke, the jump and the speed that it has are incredible“.