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Luke Perry's daughter says she misses him today in the Moving Photo Post

Luke Perrydaughter Sophie Perry went to Instagram on Saturday to share a move and an unprecedented photo of her deceased father.

The Riverdale Star and Beverly Hills, 90210 Alum died two weeks ago, days after suffering a severe stroke. He was 52 years old. He was survived by Sophie, 18, son Jack Perry, 21, her mother and ex-wife Rachel "Minnie" sharp, his fiance Wendy Madison Bauerand other family members.

"Miss him a little bit more today," Sophie wrote on Instagram, next to a selfie cuddling her boxer while sitting in a car next to her dad.

Shannen Dohertywho played on Luke's love interest Beverly Hills, 90210, liked her post. The actress had paid tribute to the actor both after his stroke and after his death online.

Sophie had flown back from Malawi, Africa, where she was on a voluntary journey to be with her father and her family after he was in the hospital.

Sophie has attributed to her mother that she was the rock of her family after Luke's death.

"You all know that my dad is a superstar, but I'd just like to say that I was really lucky in the parental ward, because this is my mother, Minnie, who's my best friend by any chance?" She wrote in the beginning this month on International Women's Day. "Wow, like the cliché, I know, and she's the rock for everyone who's mourning in this family right now, she's the toughest and sweetest and most amazing woman I've ever met, or anyone else. to have two icons for parents? "

"I love you, Mom, and I could not stand this absolute situation without you," Sophie went on. Oh, and I was just informed that it was National Women's Day, how fitting it is for a post on my Kick Ass Mom. #Happynationalwomensday. "

After Luke's death, Sophie thanked the fans for her support and wrote on Instagram, "I'm not really sure what to say or do in this situation, it's something you've never been taught a lesson how to handle Especially if it's all happening in public, so be nude with me and know that I'm grateful for all the love (sic). "

While most comments on Sophie have been supportive, several trolls have criticized both their physical appearance and their bereavement process in recent weeks.

"I'm here to say I did not ask for that attention," Sophie wrote on Instagram on March 11. "I did not ask to be put in a virtual limelight, and although I do not want to insult anyone, I will not even respond to someone else's needs and beliefs, I'm 18. I swear like a sailor and sometimes I dress like a hooker, and I support the causes, and you must not and most importantly, I'll do it laugh and smile and live my normal life. "


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